Release Channel 1.19.86

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Full Release Notes

  • Added native IPFS support. (#10220)

  • Added Greaselion support for Twitch creators. (#11466)

  • Added “Tabs from other devices” under brave://history when sync is enabled. (#10473)

  • Updated pre-populated search engine list. (#13283)

  • Updated visuals for both “New private window” and “New private window with Tor” to make it easier to distinguish between the two windows. (#2735)

  • Updated New Tab Page background images. (#12508)

  • Updated Brave Rewards onboarding panel under brave://welcome. (#13119)

  • Update referrer handling for better compatibility. (#13464)

  • Updated directory path of admin policy on Linux. (#12426)

  • Implemented ad conversion against the complete URL chain of trust. (#13033)

  • Removed Chromium noscript dialog from the URL bar. (#199)

  • Removed duplicate controls from brave://settings/newTab. (#12505)

  • Replaced the “Add Card” tab under New Tab Page with sub-tab “Edit Cards”. (#12625)

  • Fixed ad crash when refilling unblinded tokens after downloading catalog due to invalid blinded tokens. (#12836)

  • Fixed ads not being displayed after restart if catalog fails to download but a previous catalog bundle exists. (#10904)

  • Fixed fifth background image (yellow) not being used on tip banner. (#12596)

  • Fixed clicking on “Open in Tor” button from Guest window does not connect to Tor network. (#12470)

  • Fixed Tor crash in certain cases. (#12798)

  • Fixed Tor not working when multiple profiles are opened at the same time. (#12650)

  • Fixed open tabs not always being synced to other devices in sync chain. (#11183)

  • Fixed autoplay dialog being displayed under URL bar if global content settings under brave://settings/content/autoplay is toggled. (#12795)

  • Fixed brave://discards loading blank page. (#10451)

  • Fixed incorrect number formatting for widget. (#12816)

  • Fixed Brave Today intro card not being dismissed after being viewed. (#12960)

  • Fixed Brave Today history scoring being limited to 100 items. (#13041)

  • Fixed geolocations using the wrong endpoints in certain cases. (#11862)

  • Upgraded Chromium to 88.0.4324.96. (#13637)

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