Release Channel 1.22.66

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Full Release Notes

  • Added Ethereum Name Service (ENS) support. (#14477)
  • Added Unstoppable Domains support. (#14099)
  • Added support for Japanese content feed of Brave Today. (#14306)
  • Added the ability to modify Brave Wallet settings under brave://settings/wallet. (#14069)
  • Added the ability to modify IPFS settings under brave://settings/ipfs. (#13682)
  • Added ipfs:// and ipns:// protocol associations. (#13266)
  • Added retry logic to fetch IPFS pages if zero peers are available on session restore. (#13177)
  • [Security] Improved handling of address bar display for ipfs:// and ipns:// URLs. (#13872)
  • Implemented interstitial page for when “Method to resolve IPFS resources” is set to “Ask”. (#13655)
  • Improved canvas fingerprinting protections. (#12069)
  • Improved IPFS diagnostics page under brave://ipfs. (#13173)
  • Enabled re-linking when Uphold wallet is connected to Brave Rewards. (#14573)
  • Updated wording on Private, Tor, and Guest windows to clarify Tor connectivity. (#14385)
  • Updated query filter to enabled or disabled using shields toggle. (#13242)
  • Removed known Drip tracking parameters from URLs. (#8975)
  • Fixed “Estimated earnings so far this month” showing zero on the New Tab Page until the ads service has initialized. (#13267)
  • Fixed CNAME adblocking breakage. (#14755 & #14756)
  • Fixed “Start” and “Stop” buttons under brave://ipfs to only show when applicable. (#14115)
  • Fixed issue where Crypto Wallets could not be disabled and re-enabled without browser restart. (#14083)
  • Fixed BrowserGuestModeEnabled policy not being respected. (#12524)
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During our rollout of 1.22.66, users reported an issue with developer tools being slow to open. We will resume the rollout of 1.22.x later this week.

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