Release Channel 1.28.105

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Full Release Notes

  • Added display ads to the Brave News feed. (#16698)
  • Added setting to “Automatically send daily usage ping to Brave” under brave://settings/privacy. (#16583)
  • Added support for additional currencies in the Gemini widget. (#16081)
  • Added the ability for users to rotate IPFS keys. (#15568)
  • Added p2p key export for IPFS. (#16613)
  • Updated the placement of “Privacy and security” section under brave://settings. (#16470)
  • Updated the custom header list to be hard-coded. (#16455)
  • Updated adblocking to collapse HTML elements with blocked image or iframe requests. (#14960)
  • Updated icons used for certain file types when Brave is set as the default application. (#12761)
  • Updated the bookmarks folder icon on the bookmarks bar. (#16940)
  • Updated the Ads History view from 7 days to 30 days. (#16627)
  • Removed duplicate separator under right click context menu. (#15714)
  • Fixed Brave Rewards wallet being reset after upgrading in certain cases. (#16449)
  • Fixed IPFS migration. (#16913)
  • Fixed “Connected peers” not being reset to 0 once IPFS node is stopped. (#16804)
  • Fixed delete button not appearing on brave://history when using the search box. (#7398)
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