Release Channel 1.24.82

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Full Release Notes

  • Added Brave Rewards notification when user has exceeded the wallet linking limit. (#15028)
  • Added top level domain blocking in aggressive mode, to warn users before they visit sites suspected to be bounce trackers. (#15095)
  • Added the ability to resolve IPFS links through “x-ipfs-path” and DNSLink values. (#14657)
  • Added IPFS permission rule to expose chrome.ipfs API to extensions by request. (#13998)
  • Added custom IPFS badge to ipfs:// and ipns:// pages. (#13172)
  • Added “Don’t ask again” option to the default browser dialog. (#14469)
  • [Security] Removed timestamp value from Wayback Machine query as reported on HackerOne by xiaoyinl. (#14843)
  • [Security] Invalidated callback parameters on Wayback Machine query as reported on HackerOne by xiaoyinl. (#14991)
  • [Security] Improved handling of reverse mapping for ipfs:// URLs. (#13874)
  • [Security] Improved handling of reverse mapping for ipns:// URLs. (#13873)
  • Implemented Brave Ads anti-targeting. (#14224)
  • Updated rewards tipping banner UI to handle displaying decimal values when present for tips. (#15050)
  • Updated 5% fee for Brave Rewards tips to only attempt to contribute 3 times per browsing session. (#14386)
  • Updated URL bar icon flyout text for IPFS local node connections. (#14889)
  • Updated “Method to resolve IPFS resources” under brave://settings/ipfs to always have the “Local node” option. (#13171)
  • Updated certain UI elements to better interact with macOS accessibility settings. (#14176)
  • Fixed crash which occurred when attempting to tweet after tipping in certain cases on Windows and Linux. (#5516)
  • Fixed issue where active promotions could not be claimed if they were marked as “Over” on the client. (#14741)
  • Fixed “Hide Brave Rewards” setting not working after using a private window. (#14531)
  • Fixed issue where auto-contribute was enabled via the rewards widget on the New Tab Page. (#14735)
  • Fixed issue where “Include in Auto-Contribute” toggle on rewards panel did not retain user selection in certain cases. (#14413)
  • Fixed brave://ipfs loading blank page in certain cases. (#14923)
  • Fixed IPFS links not opening from command line interface on Windows. (#14283)
  • Fixed issue where local node was not stopped if another option was selected for “Method to resolve IPFS resources” under brave://settings/ipfs. (#14450)