Release Channel 1.20.103

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Full Release Notes

  • Added extension support for Tor windows. (#2761)
  • Added “IPFS public gateway address” setting under brave://settings/extensions. (#11563)
  • Added “Redirect IPFS resources to the configured IPFS gateway” setting under brave://settings/extensions. (#11564)
  • [Security] Enabled Safety Tips component. (#12999)
  • [Security] Removed connection to when enabling Brave Sync. (#12984)
  • [Security] Fixed Greaselion being enabled by default in private mode. (#13506)
  • [Security] Fixed Crypto Wallets being enabled by default in private mode. (#13279)
  • [Security] Fixed mixed content connections not being auto-upgraded when available. (#10190)
  • [Security] Fixed Tor Onion-Location header issue as reported on HackerOne by Muneaki Nishimura. (#13828)
  • Implemented onboarding tour for Brave Rewards. (#12459)
  • Enabled Crowd Deny component. (#13426)
  • Enabled Widevine component updater on Linux. (#7081)
  • Updated macOS application icons. (#13005)
  • Disabled Wayback Machine infobar on Wayback Machine URLs. (#13306)
  • Removed unsupported components from brave://components. (#8709)
  • Fixed webview crash on exiting brave://adblock in certain cases. (#13775)
  • Fixed intermittent crash in Greaselion service on shutdown. (#13906)
  • Fixed in-line tip buttons being displayed when the Brave Rewards icon is hidden. (#13341)
  • Fixed inability to create sync chain due to leading and trailing whitespace in code words. (#10860)
  • Fixed automatic update failing for Google components. (#10464)
  • Fixed autoplay blocked indicator incorrectly being displayed in certain cases. (#13167)