PSA: Current payment discrepancy? Read here

For all of us who are noticing a difference in our Estimated Earnings compared to what we are getting paid this month, the explanation is that there were issues which delayed ads from being reconciled. This isn’t unusual but it is very unusual for it to occur in the number of ads we had this month.

If you look(ed) at your Estimated Earnings, the “missing BAT” is still there for your Estimated Earnings for next month. So nothing is lost, but we are being delayed on receiving it. This stinks and hopefully won’t happen again for a while, but we are receiving everything.

“Why is my payment amount different than what my ‘estimated earnings’ was showing”?
This is perfectly normal! Sometimes ads do not fully reconcile (“cash in”) before the end of the payment period. So while this does appear in your Estimated earnings in real time, unreconciled funds will not appear in the current month’s payout and will instead be “rolled over” into next month’s payment.

Also, for those who still haven’t received prior payments, make sure you reach out to @steeven and @Mattches with your Wallet Info from brave://rewards-internals along with a description of your issue. This is only for those who didn’t receive the prior payments on. As for current payment, remember it can take 7-14 days for all to receive. Keep an eye out for payment status updates at Ads Payout Status Update and if you don’t receive within a week of it saying your method has paid out, then be sure to reach out to staff.


All good with me, maybe they’ll give us a bonus again!

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My January rewards haven’t arrived yet, tried everything.

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@steeven @Mattches @SaltyBanana can you help this guy get his January payout?

I should’ve have collected 2.562 for last month, but only 1.674 will be sent to my wallet.

I’ve read somewhere in this forum this is the new normal. that same thing happened to me last month. If they say they’re looking into it, then we should all get our full payment this month.

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Topic has been updated with current.

Maybe if you didn’t know the definitive answer in the first place you shouldn’t have posted the original topic

The original post was there to let everyone know there was an issue, it had been noticed by Brave, and they were investigating to find out what’s going on.

Then the update here was to advise that they discovered the problem but it’s nothing major. While they didn’t want to get into the specifics, they just had ads not get reconciled in time. So no need to panic and just have to be patient.

An incorrect response is worse than no response.

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Nothing was incorrect, which again is showing that you’re not caring to pay attention or you’re twisting things for the sake of arguing. I do suggest you take your time to read, think, and then move on. If you’re just here to troll/argue, please go elsewhere. If you’re here to seek answers to problems or help people, then please go do that.


This is not about trolling. I gave Steeven a detailed answer regarding the current issue which I believe is one of the reasons why they are now investigating what is happening after initially dismissing it.

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Investigation was done after I wrote to them about it earlier today. They also responded to me with the results of that investigation. I then shared what I could about that.

This is what you’re referencing when you said you had a detailed answer regarding the current issue. Your assumption is incorrect. For example, if you look at my screenshot and all, you’ll see I was one of the people who had this issue. Plenty of us had larger amounts of BAT that would be the equivalent of 150-300 ads (depending on the BAT per ad) that did not show.

Suggestions are appreciated and considered, but it doesn’t mean they are right.

Nobody ever dismissed it. They saw small numbers like yours and said most likely it was ads that hadn’t been reconciled/processed and they were comfortable in seeing that nothing abnormal seemed to be occurring on their end. After people shared and explained larger amounts of BAT, they went ahead and did a more in-depth investigation just to make sure there was not a problem. The investigation determined their initial thoughts were correct, only that there were a higher number of ads than normal which had not been reconciled.

Now, they aren’t sharing with us whether certain advertisers didn’t pay their bill, if servers crashed or experienced some issue , if it was coded wrong and things appearing late in February were being read as if appeared in March, or any other possibility. The WHY is something we’re left in the dark on. And I’m okay with that, as I know stuff sometimes goes wrong. What is comforting though is they aren’t hiding it and have been in touch with us.

I’ll believe it when I see it. Still waiting on a deposit from the falsely stated BAT tokens supposedly deposited on 2/9. No tokens received. Gemini confirmed it, you guys simply are NOT making payments that you state you have made.

Edited original post again for clarity. Also commenting/posting here to kind of put this toward “the top” of activity for people to see, since some new Topics have been made of people asking.

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