Estimated Payout for Feb '22

I just noticed all my uphold verified browsers have an estimated payout that is half of the months estimated rewards. Also the remaining half is now included in this months estimated rewards. i attached images of the payout dialog for all 3 browsers.

Hi @tonymend1980, can you DM me the wallet payment ID’s for each of these devices.


i will send them shortly.

@steeven I have DM Ed you my wallet id

I’m also experiencing this issue.

Just a heads up for all of you this is already been addressed. Long story short, ads didn’t get processed through the system in time for payout. So we’ll be a little short this month but should have bigger payment in April as a result

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And what about payments not received in February?

If you haven’t received those, then you contact Mattches or Steeven with your Wallet Info and a brief message advising you haven’t received it yet and would appreciate it if they could look into it for you. And if you did already message them over a week ago, respond here and tag whoever you sent it to and see if they can check for the DM and give you any updates.

I mean, here’s an official response about that from earlier today:

We are more than aware of the issue.

The February payment period had several setbacks that resulted in many wallets not being properly paid out. We are still working to resolve this and all valid (not flagged) wallets will be fully paid out once we’ve fixed the issue.

Thank you.

You can see that on the very bottom of post, where Mattches closed it so we can’t comment anymore. Are the admins aware of the issue of February 2022 payout?

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but how did you manage to get 42BATS?? I barely got 2BATS please reply… Am I missing something here??

That’s the BAT he’s earned in his custodial wallet. It’s not what he earned for the month. As to how, well…look at what he’s sharing here. He’s using three devices actively and they all are getting a decent amount of ads. So that’s 2-3+ BAT per browser, per month. I used to do the same with 2 devices, back when I was using my Android actively. And your region determines how many ads are available to you.

I am using 2 devices, desktop and mobile and I got 2+1=3 BATS…

In order to earn more bats, you must watch ads more frequently until you reach the daily cap.
Also make sure that ad settings have been set to 10 ads per hour and on mobile check if you have enabled to receive ads when you are not using brave

yes i have set 10ads per hour and opening all of them on both devices

You must watch background ads more frequently maybe 5-6 Times a day. As of now each time you can earn about 0.040 on each device.

yes i am also getting that 0.040 BAT until the daily cap

I’ve told you everything I do and I earn around 6-7 bats in total.
There is no way you can earn 50 bats.
It was mentioned by the brave official.

you are getting 6-7BATS?? I get only 2-3BATS

I told you to open brave more frequently

its my default browser, everything i do is on brave and brave only

@tonymend1980 can you give me a heads up if they solve the issue for you? Thank you.