Ad rewards for viewing

The rewards for the ads I’ve watched for 4 weeks sometimes come and sometimes they don’t. What is the reason for this now seriously this problem pisses me off, my profile is not flagged or there is no problem, but when I viewed it during the day before, my ad reward was coming, now it is not coming and this is getting annoying


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So do you have a problem with ads?

Home page ads or pop-up ads?

hourly homepage ads there is no any problem pop up ads

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Me too sometimes have the home page pop up ads but mostly not!
Do you have any solution what to do?

OK, first of all I am not Brave staff, but I think the reason you don’t always get paid for homepage ads is because people really would just sit there refreshing for rewards all the time, and when you multiply that by the number of users, Brave would go broke!

i wish i know but i dont know dude

you can get 4 ads in an hour on the homepage ads, so you can get them hourly. Even if you’re on top of them all the time, it won’t matter. You can get them after 1 hour.

I have noticed that too. I suspect as more people advertise on Brave in our regions, we might get to see see more ads on the home page.


Sometimes my estimated earnings were not updated even after seeing ads. I think those will get added up in payment

Last month my estimated april earnings are 4.9 but i got 7 bat

i dont know bro but this problem going on for a long time

Yes, 4 home ads in a row, one every hour~ish but 5 times a day, not every single hour. After 4x5 home ads paid in a day you won’t get any other until ads day resets.

From 2 days i am barely getting popup ads like 3 to 5 per day

Yes… Me too as said by B.E.Jonath.
Only received 2 ads for the last 48 hours and there are no BAT received for home page ads for the last 2days.
Brave Team please help…

Today I haven’t received any

There are caps (limits) in place too. Usually set by the ad campaign. The time limit for caps vary, they can be daily or weekly, and you can max out of an ad campaign too! In addition, the number of ad campaigns you are eligible for may be limited by criteria set by the ad campaign, including what country you are from and what OS you are using. You could get a ton of ads one day and nothing for the next 3 days! It all depends on the ad campaigns you are eligible for. Additional links below if you want to find out more info.

Default Max Limits at brave://version -->Variations:


Other sources with additional information:

Discussion topic with above links
What determines the number of ads per hour

Please remember, max means the max amount you could get, not the max amount you will get! You could get zero. Help Center article for reference: Why don’t I see any Brave Ads after enabling them?

You can check the ad campaigns (and some of the limits in place) here: Regional Catalog Viewer

Don’t you want to understand, my friend, there were these situations before, but now we were able to receive the rewards directly, not like before, there were restrictions again, but now the rewards do not come in any way neither pop up ads are coming properly nor hourly ad rewards are coming there is a problem not only for me but for most people

two days ago, that no ads appear in my browsers and those that appear are not being counted

They are applying extra capping lately.

I tried to address the issue here but no response:

The above topic concerns inline content ads (news ads), but maybe it’s affecting push notifications too.