Brave reward total not correct for payout

The payout only uncluded part of the total for the month for the statement saying payout coming in six days. You can see that 1.256 brave was not added to the total. I had two ads for the new month so subtracted .02 from the 1.258 shown. See pic

Took this pick before it closed for payment

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Well, it might help if you’d try checking the forum for similar issues before posting. This has already been addressed and opening up duplicate types of threads isn’t helping you or anyone else.

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I did check but ok noted. I didnt see any posted before i sent that. Obvoiusly i am not looking in the right place. I will search better next time. I am still new to this.


I just updated that post too. Simple reply is they looked and so no errors, only that ads had been unable to reconcile. They acknowledged it is a much larger number of ads unreconciled than usual and will address that as they can, but there’s no call for concern. It just means we’ll get the remaining BAT paid out next month

Ok thank you for your help

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The problem is how Brave handle the issue. They are failing on the most important thing for a company. Hire me and i will advise you so all these same questions and threads will highly be reduced and will stop you repeating the same things on and on. :slightly_smiling_face:

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