Update on Estimated Ads Earnings, and Payments not depositing to Uphold

Dear Brave Rewards Users,

We wanted to make a post to our community and acknowledge a couple of issues that have recently been reported, and that we’re actively investigating:

1. Large differences between “Estimated pending rewards” and ad payout

Thanks to your reports, we have discovered some discrepancies in the pending rewards estimation process for August. After a thorough review, we believe the actual ad payout amounts paid out for this month were correct. However, in general the earnings this month were lower than they have been in the past due to delivery bugs. While there is always a gap due to the timing of payouts, this month the amount left after payment was greatly increased relative to the amount paid out. Additionally, we have found an issue that affects some older wallets - we are actively working to fix the “Estimated pending rewards” counter for those affected. All that said, we have decided to make a mid month one-time payment to make good on any confusion caused.

2. BAT not depositing to Uphold

Due to suspicious activity, we’ve temporarily paused transfers to Uphold, pending further investigation. Please note that this includes BAT transfers to Uphold after verifying your wallet. Rest assured that your BAT you have earned is safe and will be deposited once this temporary halt is lifted. We thank you for your patience as we investigate this issue.

Please keep an eye on this thread so we can keep you updated, and we thank you for your helpful reports and patience.

—Brave Rewards Team

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Mid-month payments are processing.


Payments have finished processing.