I did not get the accurate payout for February 2022

I am on windows laptop and the brave rewards for the month of February was 0.719 bat. Its showing that I will only receive 0.562 BAT. The rest 0.157 BAT are in my brave browser wallet. Why weren’t all 0.719 BAT were withdrawn to my uphold wallet this month?

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I am not sure but I think there was an issue with the ads reconciliation or something for the month of Feb, Hence the less payment. However as far as I know you should be receiving the remaining amount as a part of your next month’s payment.


Thanks @Pineapple
Hope that’s the case. Will be waiting for next month’s payment to see what happens.

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This is my second month with Brave rewards and the same happened both times. From what I recall reading somewhere else, ads received close to the last quarter or week of the month don’t count towards the monthly payout and stay, as you mention, in your wallet waiting to be credited in the next payout.

TL;DR: I think it’s intended behavior rather than an issue. Can’t find the post or link where it was explained right now.

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Thanks for the reply @Drakkos
Yeah that kinda makes sense too. Will wait for the next payout then.

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