Not receiving BATs even though I´m receiving ads

After the April payment, I simply stop receiving BATs even though ads of all types still pop up as usual. At least 15 browser pop up and many browser ads I have seen since April 7 (4 days now) and I can´t see any increase at the BAT counter.

Need help ASAP and check if anyone else has my same problem.


I have the same problem and I still can’t find the solution


Same here… I saw ads but got no bat 🤷

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I wanna make sure and know what exactly is happen. Best case scenario is the counter just bugged and I´m receiving rewards as usual. Worst case scenario on the other hand would be that BATs are simply blocked somehow. This is an actual problem since there is no way to tell which scenario is happening besides the Brave Rewards counter.


I have the same problem.


I hope that counter is encountering issue for displaying and our rewards are stored somewhere, any communication from Brave team about this issue would be good

Hi @PadrinoDarky

Have you take a look to this link ?
Few checks needed before contact support.

3 weeks ago, I saw ads (sponsored ads freely) and no pop up ads just because I have been flagged for suspicious behaviour by Brave’s bot. It’s now fixed.


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I don’t know why this check is needed (as people are receiving ads, I mean we are seeing ads, the link is to figure out why one might not be receiving ads which is not the case here [Still going through the link: No possible cause stated in link true for most of the people I see here])

thing is we’re not getting BAT for seeing those ads, counter stuck at 0.00 from last 10 days :frowning:

I’m having the exact same issue on my PC. Seeing ads and notifications, but my rewards total isn’t changing.
Last ad listed as received is on April 8 2021, no BAT rewards acquired since then.

@diceyjet are you sure your are getting this type of ad – push notification ad – and is not paying you?

@JohnDproof Actually, now you mention it I haven’t had a notification for about a week. I’m just seeing the background ads.

I’m definitely getting push ads, but the BAT don’t show up on the counter. I was able to get BAT to show up for 1-2 seconds by clearing the history and resetting the Brave Rewards data. The counter just resets to zero again (FWIW, the amount of BAT shown in that second appears to be correct for the number of ads I’ve seen).

System is MacOS Big Sur 11.2.03
Brave is Ver. 1.22.71

@Mysteryo how it got fixed?

Hi @RozarioDan ,

Le support ne te contactera que si tu donnes des détails.

Il faut créer ton propre sujet. Expliquer ce que tu constates. Puis tu devras suivre un nombre d’étapes pour vérifier si ta configuration est bonne. Si après tout ça, le souci persiste. Un membre du support t’assistera, ça ne se fera pas du jour au lendemain, c’est long et fastidieux, ils ont des tas de demandes similaires et une journée de travail ne fait pas 24h.

Mon problème a été réglé sous 3 semaines, avec des échanges réguliers avec le support. Si tu as été bloqué, c’est uniquement de leur coté que la situation peut revenir à la normale.

Inspires toi de mon propre sujet pour les étapes à suivre.

Tu as aussi ceux là.

Bon courage à toi.

Support will only contact you if you provide details. You have to create your own subject. Explain what you see. Then you will have to follow a number of steps to check if your configuration is correct. If after all that, the concern persists. A support member will assist you, it won’t happen overnight, it’s long and tedious, they have lots of similar requests and a day’s work doesn’t last 24 hours. My problem was resolved within 3 weeks, with regular exchanges with support. If you have been blocked, it is only on their side that the situation can return to normal. Take inspiration from my own subject for the steps to follow. (in the top link)

Good luck. :crossed_fingers:


Hello I am having the same issue. I think I have been flagged for suspicious activity because I was looking at ways to earn more BAT which I think is a great concept. I was going to try and earn referrals as suggested by a user, but when I completed it i found out that brave no longer is offering BATs for referrals. At the same time I dont know how to resolve this.

After the jan 21 payment, I simply stop
receiving BATs

even though ads of ntp ads
still pop up as usual.
no any increase
at the BAT counter.

Haven’t been paid yet for feb and
March and apr

Brave 1.22.71 Chromium: 89.0.4389.114 (Official Build) (32-bit)

OS Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (Build 7601)

Same here ! Many clics on sponsored image since 4 days and nothing, my balance do not change…

Update of my case: Still the same, I AM receiving adds of both types but the counter does not go up at all. So still dont know what is going on.

Ads count here

But then, doesn’t count here:

Stop receiving BATs (STUCK!)

It is incredible that they (Developers) have been with the same thing (bug) for 3 years, I so sorry to say this but it’s true :frowning:

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Still nothing for me.
Any updates for anyone?

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