Receiving ads but not receiving BAT tokens

Description of the issue:
Issue started just this morning. I got around 10 ads and noticed that my BAT counter hasn’t changed at all.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Ad notification on desktop Brave browser appears
  2. Click on ad
  3. Open new tab or refresh an existing tab to see current BAT amount

Expected result:
Should see the BAT counter increase per ad shown. However, the balance has remained the same.
Brave Version( check About Brave):

Version 1.24.85 Chromium: 90.0.4430.212 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Additional Information:
I saw other posts with the same issue however, they were for iOS and other mobile platforms. My issue is with the latest version of Brave on Windows 10. I searched and saw no solutions except to get in touch with someone at Brave’s customer support. So my hope is that someone from Brave will reach out to me :slight_smile:


same… no reward on win 10/android since morning

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8 hours later and I did start to see some BAT get added however, not all of them. :frowning:

@Mattches I thought this was going to be tracked on client side a few versions ago

Also the same for me, i’m receiving ads but tokens aren’t moving. Has anyone had any response on this yet?

After several hours I did finally get some BATs added. I think you may just have to wait for the backend to catch up. The question is will you receive BATs for all the ads that were shown?

Does anyone here know if there has been an official statement from the Brave dev team? Maybe from a Tweet or some where else?

I haven’t received any rewards for the past 2 months and no one is addressing it. At this point, they just lying

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I get you’re upset but they’re not “lying”

It sucks you’ve had this issue for 2 months. I’m hoping someone from Brave will respond to this with some details to this issue.

I haven’t received my rewards in May either. They still show as pending in my Rewards Settings View. Thought I was the only one having this issue.

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It may be due to the latest update as this started right after I updated Brave.

How do you know that there not lying? What evidence do you have to support this?

“they’re” not “there” :slight_smile:

The evidence is they haven’t responded to this issue yet. There are more Brave users than just you and I. So not everyone is experiencing this issue. Let’s not turn this into some “hate” ranting post but more into let’s try and get some help post.

I never asked for English lesson what I asked for is evidence you to support your claim if you dont have it then that OK :ok_hand::rofl:

Please people, dont turn this in somekind “hate post”…

About the BAT’s, well FROM MY PART the BAT’s via ads seem to be working now, again FROM MY PART i dont know about other users, YET the BAT’s via sponsored images, still not working so i guess we have to wait a little more…

Then clearly you don’t understand English because I gave you the reason :slight_smile:

It’s free by the way. Just a small reminder. You’re not paying to use the Brave browser. They are still blocking trackers and saving you bandwidth.

but you’re free to use any of the other browsers out there that are also free.

Mine kinda sorta works. It’s just not automatic like it used to be. It seems like after a few hours I will start to receive BATs for some of the ads I’ve seen. I’m sure it’s a backend issue or code issue. Just hope they are aware and are working on a solution.

I’m facing the same issue. Let’s hope they solve it sooner.

Hi all, please see There was a partial ads outage yesterday that was resolved this morning.