Not receiving BAT for ads

I’ve been receiving ads from new tabs, but my regulars ads stop showing and my BAT isn’t increasing.


@Mattches Would you be able to help me?

Same here, since march 5, i am not getting any bat from the ads and no way to claim the bat I already have, so its like my account “frozen”… hope for an update to fix this.

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Mám ten istý problém

Same here - receiving plenty of ads, but the rewards page and widget does not show accrual of additional BAT. This has been going on for a little over a week now. I was hoping it was just a visual error. Hopefully this is fixed soon! :slight_smile:

Create a new profile, active the rewards there an browse normally for some hours, if the ads work there then go to your normal profile disable all third party extensions, and then browse normally to see if ads start showing again… This could take several hours, seriously


I tried this right now, and yes, im getting bat in the new profile, still not getting bat in the old one, but i will wait some hours. gonna update if it fixes.

Inf nooo jej Olléová kaberals

I know now what the bug is. If you restore pages you lose all your BAT. Here is proof. Look at the dates

Closed the browser and re-opened. Now I have 0 bat again. Lol. You guys should really fix this!

So does anyone know who we can contact to fix this? Like I said in other posts. I have lost a few hundred BAT now in the last 6 months and nothing is being done about it.

If you go to the brave rewards page in settings does it show a reset amount as well? I find sometimes the new tab widget can be a little buggy for me. Also, not sure if this is super related to this specific thread - might want to consider posting this issue as a new thread so it might have a better chance of being seen by someone who can help.

is there an admin that can help me or is my post just straight up being ignored?
@steeven @Mattches

Please check your DMs

Hi! Don’t mean to be a bother, but, if you had some spare time, I would greatly appreciate it if you were able to take a quick peek at the issue I’m having?

I made a post for it here

Same problem for me I am receiving lots of ads but not getting rewards

Same problem here. I haven´t received BAT since march and I don´t know why, since I still watch the ads. Please help me

Same problem here! I’d appreciate if we could get a feedback from some dev about this issue.

I have the same issue, since I’ve received my first BAT payment into my uphold wallet, I’m not getting BATs for the ads I’m seeing…

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Just posted this in another thread:
I’m having the same issue on my PC. Seeing ads and notifications, but my rewards total isn’t changing.
Last ad listed as received is on April 8 2021, no BAT rewards acquired since then.