Not getting Brave Rewards

Hi, installed Brave and have been using whole day today. Not seeing any ads even though under Rewards settings Ads is turned on. Did some research on the web and noticed from this prior article from the community that under Windows 10 Settings>Systems>Notifications & actions that the Brave toggle needs to be on. However, I dont have Brave listed there. I do have Chrome and others listed. Any thoughts on if thats the issue, and if so how to resolve? thx

Can you go to and try to enable notification. Then, see if Brave is listed on your Notification settings.


Thanks. Now Brave is listed under “Get notifications from these senders”

Does it matter what the Focus assist is set to? Was on Alarms only but I moved to Priority only. I did add Brave to the Apps list under Priority List.

You can do that (re: Focus Assist). Mentioned in the article you linked above @nocturnian.

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I have the same problem. Ads don’t show, but when I lock my session with win+L and reopen it, it shows an ad. It’s been a month maybe more that I have this issue.