Notifications regarding Ads dont show on windows


Hello Brave team,

Happy with the browser, it works very well. For some reason though, I dont see any Ad notifications from Brave rewards, even though I am clearly receving ads as you can see by the screenshot.

Notifications from Brave Browser are activated in windows settings, Focus assist is off. I even got a notification with this site to prove it works:

So notifications with the brave browser works, but for some reason the Ads wont show there. I still earn some BAT even though I dont see any ads.

Does anyone have any idea why this happens?

Thank you

Are you by chance using a gaming mouse at this time?

No I am not, just a normal logitech mouse with the buttons for clicking and the wheel

If you open your Windows notifications panel, are the ads listed in there (as notifications)?

No, this is the only notification I get from Brave. I never get the ad notifications, but Im still getting BAT

Thank you for checking. I think we’ll need to see your log files to diagnose the issue. Can you please submit your log files by following the steps below?

Can you please submit your logs?

First, trigger an ad event by:

  1. Opening the browser
  2. Visiting
  3. Leave your hand off the mouse and the keyboard for 30 seconds (set a timer if it helps)
  4. Move the mouse

Then, submit your logs by:

  1. Enable Enable Brave Rewards Verbose logging inside of brave://flags. (Relaunch if prompted)
  2. (If Verbose Logging was already on, please restart your browser)
  3. Go to brave://rewards-internals and click on Logs
  4. Wait 5 - 10 seconds and click on the Refresh Button
  5. Download your logs.
  6. Fill out the form on this page and submit the logs →
  7. DM me the case number you are given once you are done.

Thank you!

I am trying to fill out the form, but what is my Payment ID?

@dennissuarezz the wallet payment Id can be found in brave://rewards-internals

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