I don't get ads on my home PC

I reinstalled windows some weeks ago and since then i don’t get any ads on my personal Computer.
I activated the Rewards and even resync’d my old wallet but still no change.
After reinstalling Brave there is still no change, on other devices - phone and Work PC - everything is fine.

I dont have any explanation for this behaviour except that either my pc or brave is kinda buggy atm.

Help would be much appreciated.

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same with me no ads today

Good @jolive and @FireLockLP and @patwaaa . Check if your Brave notifications at windows are “ON”. See the screenshot. If the Brave notifications doesn’t appear at all try this simple tool: https://www.bennish.net/web-notifications.html


Same for me. Since something like 2 month, any ads.
I reinstalled brave, sync my wallet, but still no ads.

Thank’s for your help.

Brave notifications are “ON” on my setting.

When i try this : https://www.bennish.net/web-notifications.html, i have in the console:
"Notification #1 queued for display
Notification #1 showed "
But i dont see anything :face_with_monocle:

Well i finaly found my problème.

Focus assist was On. I disabled it OFF, then notifications appear

Victory :100:

Thanks for your help, i tell you later if it worked


Also here no success! I had (and still have) the same problem on my older Windows 10 PC and as I couldn’t solved I took peace with it (meaning I gave up).

The problem is that I motivated several friends to install the Brave with the promise they could gain some BAT. Most of them have moved back to Chrome as their wallets remained empty.

As I couldn’t believe that, now, since 2 weeks I have a new laptop and also on this machine, nothing, no ads, no bats… frustrating!

So please could someone guide me how I and my friends can grt ads and rewards?
Is there something else we should do except pressing the .exe file and turning rewards on by following the configuration wizard?

Thanks in advance

Hello @Br4v31. :point_up_2: :point_up_2: :point_up_2:

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Worked for me thanks dude :slight_smile:


No problem. Pleasure to help. :slight_smile:

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If your notification are ON, be sure Focus assist are OFF


Thank you for the link.
Can you explain how this works?

Thank you in advance

Hi @Br4v31. Click “Authorize”, then “show”.


Yes, but the technological explanation.
How this link activates the notifications?
What is the magic?


I don’t know. I am not the author. I am using it for the people who need to activate their notifications on windows.

Thanks a lot. It works for me, I already see my first ad.

I appreciate it so much.

so i turned on ads but brave isn’t showing up in my apps list?

so follow up, i did the push notification thing and its saying it errored. any ideas why this might be?

Same issue here. Does anyone know how to make Brave show up in windows notifications? It doesn’t show up on my system and on the bennish website when I click authorize it says denied, but I can’t figure out why. My focus assist is turned off. I haven’t received one ad in months. My brave rewards are turned on with 5 ads per hour selected.