Not able to get Brave Ads

Description of the issue:

I have not been able to get Brave Ads. I’ve looked thoroughly through past posts on this same issue and tried what was suggested and none of it has worked.

  • I’ve toggled Brave Rewards on and off, Auto-contribute on and off & restart Brave
  • I’ve completely removed Brave from my computer and redownloaded it
  • Everything is toggled on that should be on in Notifications and Settings
  • In Focus Assist, I tried “Alarm Only” and that didn’t work
  • I set Brave as my default browser, doesn’t work
  • Tried the notifications test (

I’m using Windows 10, with a Lenovo Ideapad 320
Any help would be appreciated

Any help on this? I’ve tried all things from old posts and still can’t get ads.

Same thing here under different settings

Hope I can get some help before this post closes! Still not getting any ads… I have no idea what is wrong.

The same here - very less BAT in the last weeks

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