Not able to get Brave Ads

Description of the issue:

I have not been able to get Brave Ads. I’ve looked thoroughly through past posts on this same issue and tried what was suggested and none of it has worked.

  • I’ve toggled Brave Rewards on and off, Auto-contribute on and off & restart Brave
  • I’ve completely removed Brave from my computer and redownloaded it
  • Everything is toggled on that should be on in Notifications and Settings
  • In Focus Assist, I tried “Alarm Only” and that didn’t work
  • I set Brave as my default browser, doesn’t work
  • Tried the notifications test (

I’m using Windows 10, with a Lenovo Ideapad 320
Any help would be appreciated

Any help on this? I’ve tried all things from old posts and still can’t get ads.