Brave Ad Not Showing

Hello! So I just started Brave Rewards an hour ago it was working fine but when the last ad showed it’s not showing any ads anymore. I tried to restart still no. Please help me

Hi, @iExcilsior, you won’t get ads regularly/ non-stop. Some days you may not get notifications for any, even. Here is a great help to read when you have time, to better understand how it works. There are additional links, too, for making sure you have optimal settings.

Hello! Thank you for answering. Did this happen to you too?

You’re welcome, @iExcilsior. I’m receiving ad notifications okay as far as I can determine. I read that FAQ and went through the troubleshoots to check my settings when I started and haven’t had any real issues with this, personally.
You can check these out, too:

(all OS)

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Thank you very much for helping :smiley:

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