Not earning any BAT and Support doesn't seem to be wanting to solve my problem

It’s been a while (probably 1 month) since I’ve earned BAT on my desktop browser, so like 2 weeks ago I contacted support and I have been trying to solve this issue through email. All they’ll do is to keep asking me to send them screenshots, which I do send, but they’ll always find something else to suppose or to ask, which means they don’t seem to want to solve my problem. This issue started after I’ve installed brave on my phone, I stopped earning on my browser and started earning only on my phone. I’ve already logged out and uninstalled brave from my phone, but I still can’t make a dime on my browser, although I’m receiving new ads regularly.

Hello, somebody there?

same case with me npt recieving ads from ;ast two month

I can see the ads in the new tab, I’m just not receiving any money.

Still having the same problem, also noticed that I’m not earning any money on my linux installation too.


The following poll, may interest:

I don’t receive June payment on my verified uphold please help me any one

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