Not earning BAT even though I see ads

It’s been a while since I saw the number of BAT on my browser change. I still see ads (a total of 120 this month), but the BAT count does not change.

I’m on Ubuntu, and using Brave Version 1.60.125 and Chromium: 119.0.6045.199

I checked and my country is still part of supported regions.

What may be causing this?


I have noticed the same issue as well. I’ve been receiving/seeing the same amount of ads (approximately) as previous months; however, the amount of estimated BAT earnings (range) indicated on my rewards settings page, is significantly less than previous months relative to the current, total number of ads indicated on the rewards page. Even the highest number in the estimated monthly BAT earnings range is significantly lower.

I wonder if Brave adjusted/decreased the amount of BAT rewarded per ad given the bullish trend in the crypto market, in which the USD value of the BAT token is has been much higher over the past month compared to essentially the rest of this past year.

*Update (for better context): I do have a custodial account (Uphold) which is connected to Brave Rewards and verified. I also periodically check my Brave Rewards Internals page to confirm this status is still active.

  • First, connect your Brave Rewards to a custodial account to avoid losing your earnings after further actions.

  • Next, open brave://rewards.

  • Reset the Brave Rewards profile.

Warning: Don’t forget to connect/verify your custodial wallet before this process. This will ensure that your current rewards balance and estimated earnings remain safe even after resetting the Reward profile.

If the issue persist even after this submit a ticket to Brave


I was wondering the same thing my rewards are substantially lower this month for the same if not more ads than usual


Yeah my initial instinct was that the steep increase of BAT’s USD value resulting from the recent crypto bull run (which has been holding quite steady for at least a month), is a likely explanation for the cut back on BAT rewards issued per ad. If the crypto market falls back into the pre-November slump, and there is a noticeable increase in BAT Rewards accrued per ad, then that’ll essentially confirm the hypothesis.

Also, considering business strategy from Brave’s perspective, it makes sense to take measures to prevent/minimize losses. So issuing fewer BAT tokens at $0.22 vs. issuing more BAT at $0.16 definitely the logical business move.

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Similary i also havn’t received the bat currency that was estimated to come to my zebpay account so what to do now ?

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Indian guys are still eager to pick up BAT, they can’t eat what’s brave


Thanks, I’ll give it a try

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You meant this month, right?
Possibly it may take one more week to credit to your custodial wallet. You can check Next earnings payout date in brave://rewards/ page

You’re welcome. If the provided information proves beneficial, kindly designate it as the accepted answer to ensure visibility for everyone seeking the solution. Should it not yield the desired outcome, please do not hesitate to reply.

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