New here, is this normal?

this is my first full month using the brave browser and I like the theory but I’m not sure it went as I planned. I have my laptop and my two computers I use at work all linked together. I had “estimated rewards” of 6.7, 1.5, and 1.45 BAT on the 3 machines.
I got my payout tonight and it paid me 5.42 BAT. Is it normal for the payouts to be that far off from the estimates? and is that all 3 lumped together or is that just my laptop? Thanks for any help

This month payout is for BAT earned in March (1-31). And BAT earned after that (1-30 April) will be paid in May.

I assumed you’ve a verified wallet and it’s paid to your Uphold account? Or an unverified wallet?

The answer for both is similar. Each wallet will have it’s own payment.

So if you’ve 3 verified wallet, you’ll see 3 transactions history for each device on your Uphold account. And if you have an unverified wallet, it’ll be paid to each wallet separately.

I have a verified wallet, all 3 are linked to my uphold wallet. So I may get two other small payments? Also, I earned 1 bat on the browser on my phone (android) is it just stuck there until I get to 25 BAT? I cannot figure out how to link my uphold wallet to my mobile…and thanks for the reply!

Yes. The payment is processed separately for each wallet. You can see April 2021 Brave Ads Payout Status for status.

More or less, yes. That’s the current requirements.

how long does the payout cycle usually take? Or how do I know that the cycle is done and I’m just not going to get those other BAT?

Usually it took days for all payments to be completed. You can track the status in the thread shared on my prev. reply.

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