No sponsored image on the forth new tab

Correct, I’m not seeing those. Notifications are turned on in windows.

Also would be good to see in the Brave docs or FAQ where the distinction is between these 2 different types of ads is, i.e the ones on the new tabs (where I get 4 rewards sometimes per hour and apparently max 40 per day. Edit: justsomeone1 says 20 per day… which is it?), and the black ones that come up in the bottom right of the browser/screen like your screenshot.

The emphasised replies to me above suggested strongly that this is clearly documented. I would say maybe it’s just me that doesn’t understand this, but given the length of this thread and the number of other threads on the same topic, not sure it’s just me.

@justsomeone1 @UrmaGurd currently the limit is 40 for the notification ads, S.I don’t have a limit,as far as I know.


Open a new thread for that issue

In that case the sponsored image is not working at all today. I’ve not received any rewards despite seeing different images for ByBit.

I reinstalled Brave and reconfigured notifications and i’m seeing ad notifications for the first time, which is increasing my ad rewards.

So that means the SI is definitely not working today.

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@JohnDproof thanks for the update about the limit of the notification ads limit

did the limit for the sponsor image changed also from 20 to 40

Never say never. :nerd_face:

I’ve seen one but that was a long time ago. So as I understood this is normal also. :nerd_face:

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I am making a guess now although there are no official guide or feedbacks.

It seemed that after 12am (US timing), if the left most advertiser is always 1 day or less, that campaign will expire and we will get to see the next campaign. If there are no campaign we will not be able to see sponsored image or get any rewards for the day.

I am not sure. Need confirmation on that :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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As long as you are in a supported region, never seeing a notification ad is NOT normal. This article may help:

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Hi folks, I’ve just found this thread. I was having this issue for a month and after reading all the comments I managed to fix it. What I did was to open the brave://components/ page and check the NTP Sponsored Images (US) component. Then I noticed that this component is using the wrong region. I’ve checked the system configuration and first I changed my default location to where I am currently located. I restart the Brave browser and nothing happened. Then I changed Settings → Region Settings → Regional format to Bulgaria, I restarted the Brave browser, and voila, sponsored images generate rewards again.

Affected PC was operating with Windows 10 Pro 1909, Brave 1.22.71


Will using vpn affect the region the catalog that brave browser will download from ?

I think brave browser will only connect to the catalog that the regional setting is set ?

If we use vpn and connect to a foreign ip address, we will not be awarded the sponsored image or notification ads that we received, am I right ?

Anyway, my region and my local region are well configured (France - French “France”), and the deactivation of my 2 extensions for 2 days did not change anything with the problem of gratification of advertisements which affects me…

I’m wondering if choosing a safe browser and rewarding ads without being rewarded is going to be of any use to me. It’s too bad because it starts with an excellent intention. :confused:

The only one question I have at last: why only a part of bats transfers into wallet? Can anybody explain it? For example: on my phone I had >1 BATs and the only 0.5 BATs has been transferred into (not verified) wallet.

@Gannet, I used to think this:

but after seeing this:

I guess I have to do the math again :grimace:

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Yeah, the question is till opened.

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I think only BAT from 1st to 31th of the month is transferred. Because the pay date is on 5th or 6th and so the bat for 5 days are not paid yet.

If the payment is delayed, then more bat will stay in brave wallet

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Can not be true. Because I’ve earned 1BAT per last month. And only 0.500 has been transferred to (not verified) wallet.

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Do you earn 0.5 BAT since 1st day of this month ?

I think it also applies to unverified wallets.

For this month, you can try to record your bat on the 30 day of calender. That will be the next transfer amount

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Nope. I’ve earned almost ~1BAT.

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You said that you earned almost 1 bat since the 1st day but what about the bat from 1st to 31th of last month ? What is the total bat that you see before bat got transferred to uphold ?

You can start to record on the last day of this month. If does not tally can open a help thread :grin:

Hi all. Not getting any of sponsored images since the end of march. Checked all Settings, the thing is everybody else in the house is getting pop up and sponsored images. So nothing to do with Campaigns not running. They run macs and I’m on windows 10. Only real difference is when they type “brave://components” the “NTP Sponsored Images” component is showing up, not the case on my machine. Is there a way to add brave://components manually?

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