April 2022 Ads Payout Issues Update (UPHOLD)

Following are the updates about the April BAT payouts in Uphold wallets (verified) by the Brave team:

1st update: If you are sure you didn’t receive your payout, one possible reason is that your payout was withheld because your Brave Rewards profile is flagged. If you aren’t flagged, it’s possible that the direct deposit into your Uphold account didn’t make it for some other reason (for example, your Uphold account is restricted, and so the transfer from our Uphold account to yours was blocked).

So according to you guys, LOTS of Uphold verified users didn’t receive this month’s payout becoz ALL OF THEM have been flagged either by Uphold or by brave themselves for suspicious activities. LOTS OF UPHOLD VERIFIED USERS. Still, MOST of them are reporting that they can still see brave ads on their browser (thus they were not flagged) and Uphold didn’t contact them about their account being under investigation. So, this is less likely. I am one of them.

2nd update: Based on investigation with several users, it appears that the payouts were in fact received, but because we consolidated them into a single transaction (which we will be doing moving forward), users who were used to seeing multiple transactions/deposits come in thought that they were missing a payout deposit.

So, all the BAT payouts from different devices(PC, android, IOS) have been paid out in one single transaction rather than being paid out in different transactions, which was being done before for different devices. By that means, we will be getting the sum of all the BAT we accumulated so far from different devices in one single transaction.
But not everyone or most people didn’t receive that FULL SUM amount. For the last 3-4 days, I have seen more than 100 complaints of users getting payouts from only 1/2 device out of many they use, in many posts. Even there are several screenshots verifying that. I don’t think that most people would make the mistake of not realizing that the BAT payout they received is the sum total of what they accumulated so far in the previous month. I accumulated all total of 10-11 BAT from my one PC(~6.5 BAT) and one phone(~5.5 BAT). But I only received payout from my PC browser (4.829 BAT), but partially(remaining got added to this month’s earning automatically), and none from my smartphone. That missing payout of my Android device didn’t even got added to this month’s earnings. So it didn’t came through.
So I think still there is a bug in your payout systems and is not a case-by-case error.

3rd update: Based on further investigation, we do think there was an issue that might’ve resulted in some BAT not being sent to Uphold-verified users, resulting in a lower-than-expected deposit. We are actively working on a fix and will send any remaining balance. However, Edit/update #1 remains true.

Hi @paShaa, please DM me all wallet ID’s linked to your verified Uphold accounts. Did you receive any payment this month?

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I already dm you i am not received my 2 wallet payment for 2 uphold id each.
So total 4 wallet payment still pending which is verified by uphold

Hi steeven, glad you replied. Already few days ago I did send you my details. But I am sending you again now.
And as I mentioned above, I only received payout for my PC browser, but partially. Remaining got added to this month’s earnings automatically. But didn’t happen the same for my Android device. Nothing came, nothing got added.

I got mobile payment but not PC. I only ever get about 4 BAT on mobile and I had around 11 on PC for March. What should I do?


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