BAT Rweards and Uphold

Hi guys,
I’m new here. I have a question about BAT Rewards and Uphold. Actually, i have 0.720 BAT Token in my Brave Browser, but this morning Uphold send me a e-mail where tell me that upload in my Uphold profile only 0.270 BAT Token. Why?

This one is “estimation” or your wallet balance?

If it’s estimation, and this one that was paid, then most likely you accumulated 0.27 BAT by March 31.

Any BAT earned after that until April 30 will be paid in May.

The blue part at the right side of the screen should have the same amount of your uphold, the amount that says “estimated” is what you’ll recieve next month

This means that you earned 0.27 BAT until March 31st the rest you earned after April 1… Which will be added to the wallet next month…

so you’re saying whatever we earned after 31st march will be payed in may?

Yes @RajathNayak .

BAT earned on April 1-30 will be paid in May.
BAT earned on May 1-31 will be paid in June.
And so on.

So April payout only for BAT earned from March 1-31.


I don’t remember when this 0.270 BAT i have accomulate. But ok, at this point i will attend next month for taste if others BAT will accomulate in my UpHold Wallet and in my Brave Wallet. Thanks. I will update you.


Advice: the last day take note of how many ads you viewed at the end of the month, when the estimated amuont resets at the 1st day of the next month, take in count that that is the amount you will recieve. Also, if it’s already the new month, you can take all the ads you saw this month and substract in bats to your estimated. That works for me.

Thanks for the tips, bro.

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Alright yeah, I think I understand it now.

It would be great to have a history tab somewhere to clearly show ads earn in a certain period of time so that the estimated payout will be shown. Right now it’s difficult to tell how much I’ll actually be receiving based on the current value. It also hasn’t dropped to zero (0) so I’m not sure if I was paid out in full or not.


Absolutely! The developing team add a counter with the BAT received from a day to another day!


Feel free to submit a request/feedback for that. We’ve a request category in this forum. :grinning::+1:

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Oh sweet! I shall do that indeed

Thanks bro, i create now the topic!

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