I do not think BAT rewards totals presented on Brave are entirely accurate.

I have been using Brave for about 2 years now and did not take the BAT rewards seriously until recently. I set up my Uphold Account and linked it to Brave so that I can receive my BAT. I received the expected amount on February 5 for January rewards. Leading into the March 5th payout my estimated rewards were about 36 BAT. March 5th came and went and that number did not change. Today I received only 2 BAT deposited to my Uphold account and my “Estimated Pending Rewards” has not changed and is showing as next payout date of April 5th. What happened to my rewards? How accurate is the information on my browser? Hope to hear from you soon. If you need additional information from me I will be happy to provide.

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same happened to me this month. replying to keep the topic active. I hope yours shows up. cheers!

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Fingers crossed! Hopefully it will all be paid out together this month.

well, while the payout date is April 5th, mine arrived today, April 7th. as best as I can tell, it was a full payment. I hope yours comes through too!

I’m the same, my reward had to arrive on the 5th today, 7th and nothing that comes to me: / I don’t know what happens I have the uphold verified, the browser updated, everything is correct

Mine did too! Happy day! :slight_smile:

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