My BATs that got transfered to uphold account are not the same that was in brave

i got my BATs today in my uphold acoount but the problem is i got 15.525BAT and only 11.155 transfered into the account i wanna know if there are charges or i just got to wait for a bit to see the whole transfer
pls contact me ASAP

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same here. i received less than expected, and the estimated earnings that show in-browser haven’t been decremented. this whole process could definitely be communicated much more clearly by the browser.


What could have happened is since the payout period is from November 1st to November 31st the additional BAT could have built up from Dec 1st until now.
I have been getting ads like crazy this week.
It is possible that you have acquired 4 BAT through ads this week.
Also, if you are using multiple devices such as PC & mobile the payouts will come at different times.
The main payout thread for the month is always listed on the main page:

When this light turns green the payouts from all of your devices should be in your Uphold account.

Watch the payout thread above.
It’s a weekend and it usually takes a few extra days.
If after the lights are both green and you still haven’t received proper payout you will be able to report irregularities


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