Need help with 3 issues

Issue 1: cannot sync my computer and phone to consolidate my rewards.
Issues 2: I’m not receiving any adds to watch.
Issue 3: cannot sync my Brave wallet with my Uphold wallet.
Can I get help to resolve these issues? Thank you in advance

I’d be happy to help you with these issues, but you’ll need to follow the posting guidelines for the site. Additionally, it’s always best t open an individual thread for each issue you have so we can keep support organized.

That said, I will answer Issue #1 you listed above because the answer is short:
At this time, you cannot Sync (or verify) your mobile wallet with your Uphold account and/or with your Desktop wallet. We are currently working on implementing this functionality and appreciate your patience in the interim.

For the other two issues, please follow the guidelines and open new threads and we’d be more than happy to assist you :slight_smile:

Thank you so much. I will proceed as indicated. Best regards

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