Brave Wallet Not Syncing To Uphold

Ok so I need help I’m trying to sync my brave Wallet to uphold I recently got a new phone (Samsung S22 Ultra)and that seems to have messed up everything I lost all my saved up BAT in the switch but that’s ok now when I try to press the button to sync uphold with Brave nothing happens all it says is that Brave needs a minimum balance of 2 BAT to create an account but it also has a login option for those that already have an account and that does nothing aswell. it dosent load anything or do anything. In the uphold app under connections I unsynced uphold from brave thinking that would work but nothing happens either.

Same problem. Getting frustrated!

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It’s very annoying and the fact that I lost about 10$ in BAT when I switched to my new phone royally made me mad you would think that Brave would have that saved to the browser or something.

Hey @Rue
Do u have a uphold account already created

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Yes I have an uphold account.

What message do u get when try to verify yoir brave rewards wallet

I just get this message saying that Brave needs a minimum of 2 BAT to create an account unless I have an account previously. Then it has a button to try and login but it dosent do anything. I just tried it again and my uphold says that the Brave Browser is connected to my uphold wallet in the connections tab but nothings showing up in the browser.

Same here

Same exact problem!!!

I haven’t gotten march pahout either!!

hi ,

i connected my brave with upload ,it is working fine from last 6 months ,it is disconnected 2 days back ,now i am trying to reconnect ,it is showing (something went wrong please try again ) .i tried multiple times ,no use .is there any way to connect the wallet (uphold )/

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