Frustrated but Loyal

Android mobile versions - I’m getting really frustrated with Brave. I viewed approximately 10 ads yesterday, but I show no activity in the rewards screen. Where are my rewards? I see them in Brave Beta, but not standard Brave. Also, I still have no clue how to link my Uphold wallet, but I don’t think that I want to because the app is so bad. My own experiences with Uphold coupled with all of the negative reviews tells me that Uphold should not be the wallet of choie for the Brave devs. I have zero confidence in it.
I know that they are constantly updating the various versions, but why is all of this still so confusing? I am an early Brave adopter (it has been my default for years), and the company still has my support, but c’mon man!
The community is great, and people are helpful, but I can’t find answers to these simple questions because experiences vary. I would like to see these myriad issues addressed by the devs.

Have you tried clearing the app cache?

Yeah bud, I have tried everything. It seems to me, from everything I’ve read, that there are significant issues with mobile that many are having. People have been complaining about the same issues for quite some time, and the issues should have been resolved by now imo. Uphold wallet has its own issues, and they are numerous. I don’t think pc users are having the same issues, but I can’t say for sure. I would be less frustrated if there was clear and consistent messaging from the devs. It shouldn’t be this hard.

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Btw, thanks for responding!

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