Computer not syncing with Uphold

I had this posted in a different thread, but did not want to hijack that thread.

I have multiple computers on which I am running Brave. On all the computers the wallet has been verified. On three of my computers they all show the same balance. On one computer it shows a different balance that is higher. I have verified that they are running the same version of 1.5.123. I have reached out to Uphold and they told me that it is a Brave issue, and for me to reach out to Brave. Can somebody please tell me how I can force a sync of this computer so the balances add together.
The computer that shows a higher balance - When I log into uphold I see the balance that shows on the other computers. It is like the computer will not sync with uphold. How can I correct this issue?
If you need images not an issue. Screen share? What platform do you want to use? Just let me know what I need to do.

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