Need Help Retrieving Brave Rewards for September

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Just recently wiped my computer without realizing that the brave rewards and Gemini were separate and that I Gemini is apparently temporarily unavailable in my region (the US), even though I’ve been earning BAT all month!. Who do I need to give my internals too to show them so I don’t lose out on all the BAT i earned in September.

What Operating System and Brave version are you using? (Menu --> About Brave)
Now back to macOS Ventura, Brave version 1.58.135

Who is your verified custodian? (Uphold/Gemini/bitFlyer)

Are you in a supported region? (see here for list of supported regions)
I Am technically, it’s only temporarily “unsupported by Gemini” it says even though I was still earning BAT through my connected Gemini account, but now that I reinstalled my operating system i cant reconnect my Gemini and Brave Rewards accounts!

If weren’t connected to Gemini then nothing can be done. If you were, you should be getting the BATs you earned in, October payout.

Gemini is having issues currently to connect to rewards. More details at

Again so what if I WAS connected all through september, had to wipe my system and now i cant connect…how will I get my sept. rewards?

I’m a US User who just recently restored my computer from macOS Sonoma back to macOS Ventura, and apparently i can log into gemini through the website and my BAT balance is still there, but I cant connect to Gemini through the Brave Web Browser (as I had been when I was on macOS Sonoma and all previous OS’s), So not only am i concerned, especially with tonight being the 29th but also for future earnings, about being able to continue to earn BAT, but ALL the BAT i had earned for September isn’t showing up, and I’m homing if I send my Internals to one of the higher ups here they can help me clear up this issue. Again everything was fine until I had to reinstall/downgrade my OS.

What are the Chances it will get resolved soon? I’m very concerned about losing the almost 8 BAT i had earned in September and not being able to earn any in October? and I WAS connected to my Gemini account and WAS earning in the US, up until yesterday when I had to wipe my computer to downgrade back down to Ventura from Sonoma.

@davemp88 nothing official on that, but if I’m seeing things right, the chances of it being up and running for new browsers (which yours would be, since you wiped your computer) is very slim.

Unless/until they explicitly announce it’s even a project, I’m not holding my breath. The only thing being worked on now is trying to restore things so people who were connected before can reconnect.

I was Connected before though…I LITERALLY was connected up until the minute i had to wipe my computer. I have a Brave Rewards payment Id and everything. I put all the info in my support request.

and im the US, where it says supposedly Gemini DOES still support?!

Also, wasn’t there like a regular Brave custodial wallet? couldnt I earn through there? and can they check my internals to make sure i get all the BAT i was owed from September?

PS sorry for the multiple messages im just stressed cuz its the 30th and i feel like an idiot, but in my defense I had NO IDEA brave was having issues, as everytime I would upgrade or update everything was fine, and even when I got this new M1 Macbook Pro in June I was able to connect!

Right. Then you wiped your computer. I’m assuming you did a fresh installation of Brave? If so, you created a new Rewards profile in doing so which would make you seem like a new user. The only possible way you would have kept anything is if you had done a backup of your \brave-browser or User Data folder and transferred that over. Even then, I’m not 100% sure if integration would have remained, but it used to at least.

But like it is said at PSA: Known issue with Gemini (Gemini is down), new profiles can’t connect.

Then there’s also all the conversation toward the bottom, such as PSA: Known issue with Gemini (Gemini is down) - #19 by chriscat and the following replies, you’d know that currently even existing accounts are having issues reconnecting.

Nope. Big thing is like you said, needs to be a custodial account and it must be with someone who has a contract with Brave. Brave Wallet is self custody and Brave has stated for many years it can’t pay out Rewards to it. I also have a thing written about why that and other things are necessary for Rewards in my FAQ, which you can see at PSA: Current FAQ

@davemp88 I moved and may yet move some of your replies/comments over to this one topic. I answered some of your questions in the reply above.

Other thing I’ll mention is that whatever you earned prior to you wiping your device should still be sent on the back end through Brave. You’ll at least receive whatever had last been reconciled. So if you wiped your computer on September 27, you’ll receive payment here in October for what you earned from September 1 through September 27, give or take a day or two.

Your main issue is just that you won’t be able to earn more BAT or receive additional payments unless/until you connect to a custodial partner. Most likely this means you may need to use Uphold or you’ll be waiting for however many days/weeks/months/years before Gemini gets up and running again here on Brave.

I appreciate the clarification. You pretty sure that I’ll receive my September BAT earnings? I didn’t wipe it til the 29th, so youre saying it’ll show me my earnings for the whole month tomorrow? and where will I see it if it think that I cant connect to Gemini now? And yeah, I wouldnt necessarily mind if I have to use uphold for future earnings but I’m having trouble linking the account. I have support requests into both uphold and Gemini, but my main concern atm was not losing all the BAT i had earned for Sept. How confident, percentage-wise would you say you are that i will indeed get my september earnings?

No, you’re not going to see anything like that. It just processes on the back end from Brave’s servers. If I remember correctly, Gemini switched from you having to claim it each month to it going as a direct deposit a while ago. Meaning no input from users is required.

Since you wiped it and are on a new profile, you’ll have no way to see your prior profile’s balance or anything. But Brave should still have it connected to Gemini and you’ll receive the payment.

Another way of phrasing it, if you go to Gemini and login, you still see it connected to Brave, right? I forget where to look or if it shows, but I’m wanting to say is a part of your account in Gemini that shows where you have authorizations and where it’s linked/connected. You should see Brave listed under that.

If I’m understanding how you’ve explained things and that you were indeed connected to Gemini, I’m 99.9% sure you’re going to get your earnings in this upcoming payout. The little 0.01% uncertainty is if you stated something wrong or if it somehow ended up as flagged. (in the latter situation, would be tough to deal with since you no longer have your rewards payment ID and don’t have access to old profile)

it says my Gemini account is Verified? is that what you mean? like i can just expect a direct deposit into my gemini account from septs BAT in like a week?

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and how do you direct message someone on this?

Don’t quite think I’m speaking like that. To be blunt, I’ve never used Gemini and never cared to. As I’ve watched people over the years, Gemini has had more issues with payments and Rewards than Uphold ever has. Uphold was the first and has been the most stable over time. Uphold is all I use.

There’s a part in my Uphold I can look at which shows what things other than Uphold has access to anything within Uphold. It’s listed under Integrations, as you can see below:

This is what I’m referencing about being connected. I’m just not sure where to look for Gemini or if they show an equivalent. But Brave Rewards, Brave Browser, and TAP Rewards all have permissions to be able to access my Uphold for me to receive payments or for times I want to authorize things like tips or other transactions.

This is where I said the integration should remain on the back end, even if the browser doesn’t show you connected or if you had even uninstalled Brave.


Yeah. You’ll receive the last payment from your prior profile that was connected. The big issue is since you can’t connect anything now, you’re no longer able to earn for yourself until you’re able to connect or they change how the Rewards system works.

You can’t. They used to let people DM each other but then we had a lot of scammers appearing and sending messages claiming to be Brave Support. They conned a lot of people out of money and stole entire crypto wallets, some of which were thousands of dollars.

In order to protect people, they turned off the ability to initiate DM. Only people who work for Brave and some select individuals (such as myself) are able to send messages. Of course, once received, you can always reply to that person in the message. It’s just that you won’t be able to be the first to send a message.

there’s nothing under my Uphold Intergrations regarding BAT

Do you have Brave connected to Uphold through Rewards? And it wouldn’t say BAT, it would show Rewards or Brave Browser like I showed in my screenshot. You wouldn’t have any BAT yet if you just connected to Uphold. That would be arriving whenever you receive your first payment after having earned and connected. If just now linked, then that means won’t occur until November.

no i only ever had Gemini connected to Brave