PSA: Known issue with Gemini (Gemini is down)

Just want to confirm, you were previously logged in on that exact browser and Rewards profile?

Yes, this is happening on both my PC and Mac laptop - both of which have been logged in before.

@steeven I relayed this to Chriscat but wanted to tag you in here as well. Looking at Ersan’s post history, they are USA. Also had been flagged in July. Old ticket from that is 209677 if you are able to pull up closed ticket to see their info. I’m curious if it’s an issue with the integration or if it’s an account side issue.

Didn’t see this reply before I made a new ticket #220448 - not sure if the old ticket has all the information you need or not.

Yes I am USA and have been receiving payouts for months before these issues.

EDIT: Also these are the logs from rewards-internals

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mine also will not connect to gemini. was previously connected.

If you guys are getting the “There was an error processing” error message, then it might be a known issue that affects certain Gemini accounts, but I’d have to confirm with Gemini’s team.

I could confirm this myself for you if you send me your Gemini address, but it’s up to you. @Ersan

Another way would be to enable verbose Rewards logs in brave://flags, then restart, then try again. When it fails again, it’ll have captured logs. Then you can download the logs at brave://rewards-internals > Logs > Download full logs, then send the .txt to me at

Ah - I was looking for a way to enable verbose logging, I sent you an email with the log attached and my Gemini address.

This appears to be the relevant line:

{"code":400,"message":"error linking wallet: failed to validate account: error no valid documents in response"}

Seems like was intended to clarify this error but it was blocked. Guess it’s in your hands now.

I’m getting this error and my Gemini account was previously linked to Brave for months with no problem. Also, out of nowhere my Brave Creator account linked to Gemini all of the sudden says your area not supported. I live in the USA and don’t use a VPN so I have no idea how that happened there, but now I can’t receive tips anymore. I don’t understand why this is happening.

I am experiencing the same problem as Ersan. Every time I try to connect to Gemini, I get an error message that says " Sorry there was a problem processing your request, please try again." This happens in both Windows and Android. I’m in the USA, and do not use a vpn.

@talkingonthewind okay, so did you make sure to read the announcement in its entirety? Also, have you seen the reply given to Ersan and then attempt to follow the instructions for yourself?

I did read them, but I didn’t go into brave://rewards-internals or brave://flags because I was afraid ot messing something up by altering the default settings. However, I just now followed the instructions, and have downloaded the rewards log .txt file.

Great, so send that over to chriscat so he can look into it. I know they are trying to figure out what’s going on with the people who are experiencing issues.


Hi all, thanks. As someone noted above, chances are the issue has to do with this error:

{“code”:400,“message”:“error linking wallet: failed to validate account: error no valid documents in response”}

This stems from Gemini’s side, so we are in contact with their team to see how to resolve this issue.

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If you are facing the: {“code”:400,“message”:“error linking wallet: failed to validate account: error no valid documents in response”} issue (cc: @Ersan), edit: you can now try again as of Sept 21, 2023.

Thanks for all your help and patience.

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Hey, I emailed you a week ago and never got a response. I guess you’re waiting on Gemini? Just making sure you got the email.

Sent email with logs. Thanks for the help!

Is there anyway gemini will be available to india users i have to again create another account on zebpay while gemini is working fine now i have seen that gemini is not there in connect im already old user who had connected gemini with bat rewards from india.

Hello, I still cannot connect to my Gemini account via brave rewards. It continues to tell me to try again when I attempt to log in. Please help!

Hi everyone. For anyone who is facing the {“code”:400,“message”:“error linking wallet: failed to validate account: error no valid documents in response” issue, please try again now. Gemini’s team has deployed a fix, so let’s hope it works for you. Kindly let us know the results.

cc: @Ersan


Still this problem on my end :frowning: