Need Help Retrieving Brave Rewards for September

Right, so that’s why Brave isn’t under Uphold integrations. All I was telling you when I gave that as an example is I assume(d) that Gemini should show something similar. I’m just not sure where to look.

Changing the topic a bit:

You could connect your existing profile to Uphold if you’d like, assuming you have an account with it. Then you’d see the integration like I mentioned and would be able to receive payments there.

At least you’d be earning BAT right now whereas you’re earning nothing while not connected to anything. It’s just that since we’re basically in October right now, you’d be earning through October and receive your first payment to Uphold in November.

Otherwise you wait and see when/if Gemini ever becomes available again and then link. Keep in mind, if you prefer Gemini and it becomes available, you can always reset your Rewards and then connect to Gemini. But until then, it’s Uphold or nothing.

i cant connect to uphold cuz for some reason my account is restricted

btw how do you “DM” someone on here?

I answered you in my earlier reply. Short answer is you can’t.

How so? Do you mean Limited Uphold account functionality? If so, answer on what to do is there.

no uphold tells me my account is restricted for some reason

I just wanted to thank you for all your responses to my questions, and especially for showing me the integrations part. After some back and forth with Uphold, I’m assuming they unrestricted my account, because now the Brave Browser is under Integrations. I noticed you also have Brave Rewards separately under your integrations, so now that I’m good with uphold and my Brave Browser is integrated, is there something special I need to do to connect my essentially new brave rewards account? (through uphold)? Also, me connecting a new Brave Rewards account to Uphold shouldn’t affect me getting my previous september earnings from when I was connected to Gemini right as you said it takes “snapshots” essentially throughout the month to record your reward activity?

I take that bac. still getting this message when I try to connect the rewards

@davemp88 yeah, I provided you a link with instructions on what to do for that.

So go to Limited Uphold account functionality and follow the instructions. They just need one little last thing from you to prove your identity.

And no, you don’t need to fund anything if I remember correctly. It’s just hitting the buttons to get the prompts to come up. And no transaction has to be completed.

Ok so now its the first of the month and I dont see anything on my Brave homepage about impending deposit. you think within the next week so I’ll just a direct deposit into my Gemini account of my September BAT Rewards balance?

Hey! If you were not fully verified/connected during September you will not see an October payout. If you wiped the device before payout you would not see one either. If you fully connected in October, your first payout will take place during the November scheduled payout period.

I WAS fully connected during September, but I did wipe the device before the payout. I was told it keeps track of your rewards throughout the month though?

i was FINALLY able to connect my Uphold account to my Brave Rewards (which is awesome cuz I REALLY wanna get KASPA ($KAS),) and it shows that my september deposits will hit october 7th, so do you think like you said if the browser was keeping notes throughout the month ill get a direct deposit into my gemini account still? Someone mentioned if i wiped my computer before the end of the month when it goes to be distributed I’d lose all the BAT i had earned that month?

Yes, most likely you’ll receive a direct deposit into your Gemini account.

Not quite exactly, since you were connected to Gemini during that time, it should be counting and accumulating the BATs during that time. So even if you wipe the computer, that calculation is still there on the backend and should be processed in this payout.

Can track payout at

I did! thank you SOOO much for all your guidance and advice!!! :slight_smile:

I DID receive it thank you! :slight_smile:


Hate to say I told you so, but I told you! lol.

Anyway, you at least know of what’s going to be happening going forward now as well.

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In this case I’m glad you told me so! :innocent:. AND I was able to connect my Uphold account so it all worked out for the best cuz uphold is one of the few exchanges that has KASPA ($KAS):+1:

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