Brave Rewards stopped

I’ve had a couple of issues with my BAT rewards. I’d been receiving them consistently for a few months and they’d been transferring to my Gemini wallet. My November rewards never transferred, they seem to have vanished.

Then half way through December I seemed to stop receiving rewards and so far for January I have received none. I haven’t changed any settings on my end.

I’m on OS Monterey 12.0.1. Brave version 1.33.106. I am not using a VPN

Hoping you can help.

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I was told that my Gemini wallet was flagged for “irregular activity.” I never had any problems until I got the wallet.

I have the same problem but in mobile verison of Brave. I click on the ads and no rewards Come :frowning: Ihave Android.


The same here although I have Uphold wallet.

Middle December I stopped receiving BAT rewards and the list of ads shown that I didn’t receive none although my blank page still is showing adds =(

Haven’t heard anything from any of the Brave support team, has anyone else? And how do we get in touch with them? Writing on a forum doesn’t seem the most efficient

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In Januray i got rewards for first 4-5 days. Last 4 days im getting Ads but no Bat.

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Same here, to follow. Also I wonder if rewarding other websites helps or not. I stopped for sometime and since then no more rewards, few months ongoing…