Brave Rewards stopped

I’ve had a couple of issues with my BAT rewards. I’d been receiving them consistently for a few months and they’d been transferring to my Gemini wallet. My November rewards never transferred, they seem to have vanished.

Then half way through December I seemed to stop receiving rewards and so far for January I have received none. I haven’t changed any settings on my end.

I’m on OS Monterey 12.0.1. Brave version 1.33.106. I am not using a VPN

Hoping you can help.

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I was told that my Gemini wallet was flagged for “irregular activity.” I never had any problems until I got the wallet.

I have the same problem but in mobile verison of Brave. I click on the ads and no rewards Come :frowning: Ihave Android.


The same here although I have Uphold wallet.

Middle December I stopped receiving BAT rewards and the list of ads shown that I didn’t receive none although my blank page still is showing adds =(

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Haven’t heard anything from any of the Brave support team, has anyone else? And how do we get in touch with them? Writing on a forum doesn’t seem the most efficient

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In Januray i got rewards for first 4-5 days. Last 4 days im getting Ads but no Bat.

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Same here, to follow. Also I wonder if rewarding other websites helps or not. I stopped for sometime and since then no more rewards, few months ongoing…

It has happened to me twice now. I lost all the BAT from December because I had to preform a clean install to get the rewards working again and now I’ve finally been able to verify my Gemini wallet and it seams to have broken it again. If I check the logs ads are coming through but failing to generate any BAT. I’ll wait until I’ve got Jans BAT in the Gemini wallet then I’ll clean install Brave…again. Which will cause me to lose the BAT for this month. This is the last time I’m going to do it though, I’m not trying to build rewards to lose some of them to a clean install, because it poo’s the bed every month.

No, they are just behind probably due to COVID-19! I have not stopped getting rewards February 14th 2022 3:46pm EST

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