Gemini Account got disconnected

I got into Brave Rewards today to receive my BATs and I got a message of me being disconnected from my Gemini account, despite me having being connected a few days ago, and now I can’t access the BATs I had neither place the BATs of this month on my Gemini account since now Gemini only supports accounts on United States and I have an account in Spain.

Versión 1.44.108 Chromium: 106.0.5249.103 (Build oficial) (64 bits)

Yes, my Gemini account was verified

Yes, I have been able of receiving payments in the past in my Gemini account

I’m not using a VPN

Yes, I’m in a Brave supported region, Spain

Yep, some people have been facing this issue. If you’ve been verified earlier, you can try Verifying again

I have tried, but since Gemini now only supports United States accounts, it tells me I’m not able of Verifiying now cause I’m not in a supported zone

Yea, I know about that

  1. If you’re already connected to Gemini (even if you do not have a US Gemini account), these changes will not affect you. As of this second, if you are logged out of your Gemini account, it may say that you can’t log back in because your region is not supported. But this error will be resolved in the coming week, and then you will be able to log back in. More importantly, even if it says “Logged out”, you’re still considered connected to Gemini (or Uphold) to us, and should still be receiving ad payouts to your Gemini account!

This was posted by @chriscat on reddit. The link for that is here

Then I will continue trying to get logged-in on my Gemini account till it gets fixed it, and if worst comes to worst I will make an Uphold account and move my BATs there somehow (since Uphold supports Spain), thanks for the info.

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Check this out, apparently nothing is lost for you

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Austria also is not supported anymore by Gemini

Got the same issue.
My home computer rewards can not login to receive the rewards.
Says region no longer accepted and the rewards cannot get in my gemini account.
Now the no longer show. i had to disconnect Gemini.
Now i verified Uphold wallet, and the September rewards are gone… they do not show anywhere! 2 Bat’s only but they were mine.

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You should not have done that. Rush is never a good friend in any situation.

  1. Payouts are not yet complete. They are still processing. So, you should have waited until they were complete.
  2. Disconnecting from Gemini and connecting to Uphold, has unpredictable effects. You risk never receive anything in any of them.
  3. Whenever you have a trouble, you should contact Brave support and wait until they look at your case. Reinventing with the hope that it may work is never a good way to go.

Even though, if you read the post I shared above, there is a high chance that you still receive your payout in Gemini. Actually you should not have disconnected from Gemini, as they say the change will only affect new users.

As i replied i did receive somehow the rewards in my gemini account even when i could not log in.

I know, i shouldnt rush… but im on vacation now and i wanted to check this.

Thanks for your attention!

That is because the payment Id where you should receive rewards is given to them on the 1st of each month, so if yours was connected on 1st of october then you receive them in the Uphold/Gemini account

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