Verified Gemini Wallet still hasn't received rewards

Hi, never had a problem with receiving my BATs in the past. Last month I connected my Gemini wallet to the browser and transferred everything to there.

I made sure the status was updated as payouts complete and still nothing received in my Gemini wallet. Can someone please look into it?

We are already looking into this – there was an issue with a number of payments during the payout process. We are already working through these payments and hope to get them completed as soon as possible. You should have no loss of funds.

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Ah I see, thanks for the quick reply.

Just an idea, maybe pin a post over at r/brave_browser - I’ve just been trying to source information from user posts stating they haven’t received anything yet.

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Hey man, just wondering if there’s been any further updates about rewards being paid to Gemini wallets.

It’s been two months in a row that nothing arrived in my Gemini Wallet. I’ve only connected to Gemini because of the device limit on Uphold, and Uphold continues to receive rewards just fine (from my phone). On my Desktop, Brave is unfortunately connected to Gemini, where the BAT just disappear (to who knows where).


Due to an issue, some Gemini users payments need to be reprocessed:

Hey, so i have noticed that my BAT balance in Gemini isnt going up in the last few months, when i went to check my rewards statement i noticed that i havent received any payments since last November, when i connected to Gemini. Can someone help me?

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I have the same problem using ubuntu 24.01.
I signed up for brave last month and haven’t received anything yet, being verified on gemini.

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