My bat went from 6.8 to 2.4 on the next day

Hello, so I’ve been using brave for a couple months and fron one day to another my bat went from 6.8 to 2.4 or something around that… how can we solve this issue?
Just in case you ask I didn’t transfer it and I even waited for 2 days to see if the problem would be solved but nothing happened

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kind of same happened with me in my mobile account…the amount was less which got deducted thats why i maybe noticed late

I noticed when I installed BRAVE, some donation / Auto Contribute settings were on by default. I wonder if that could be why it went down?

nah bro, i turned off donation thing (auto-contribution) but still it was deducted by itsel…now idea how

the donation thing is 1BAT per month and my bat went down 4.4

kinda scares me…it making me dun wanna try the auto-contribution feature in the future then…

I’ve noticed this as well, theirs either bugs in the system or somebody is creaming off spasmodically?

Just give the name of the browser…dont give your referal link…it would be better …otherwise you are giving the link of the browser for your own benefit

So no one from brave helps me with this?

Read this thread here:

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