Brave Rewards gone missing 28th May 2021

I had almost 5 BATs yesterday in my rewards but today I woke up to see that almost 2 BATs have gone missing and now I am left with about 3 BATs. Whats this issue? Help me recover my lost rewards


Same i had 8.3 Bat now its 4.8


The same thing also happened to me. I had 4.6 BAT in the afternoon, then when I checked back in the evening, it was suddenly 2.6 BAT. According to what you guys are saying, and what happened to me, it seems like our rewards were halved. No idea why this happened.

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Yes i dunno when these bugs will be get fixed

your new tab ads are paying BAT after the new update ??

no but it gives only 0.001 didnt cared that much

This can be the case with you.


Same issue brother reduce50%

Ya same bro not exactly 50 percent tho but its like half

very little, like 0.002 or 0.001

maybe that can be the issue

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my rewards are also jumping, is the company fooling us to use their browser.

if they did its nice but we r losing BAT in this situation

Same here … Half of my BAT count is lost

PLIS , RETURN BAT. i need 1 solution

yes its same for me also it decreased from 4.9 to 2.4 BATS

Yeah, That’s Because Brave auto contribute your BAT to the sites you visit the most.

same here i had 3.45 bat now 1.6

same i also lost 2 bat after the Brave update on 28th May 2021, even though i have brave auto contribute off, no idea where they went

I had at least 50 BAT on my browser last time I checked, gone missing. This isn’t the first time as well, I remember this happening about a year ago too. Why you sneaking us Brave??