My BAT was reduced through this month

I found out that this month my rewards were reduced to 3.5 BAT when my previous balance was around 6.5 BAT. I hoped it was a bug that usually rewards has and fixes itself, but I actually got that 3.5 BAT payment this month.

What is even happening?

Brave claimed their browser had a glitch that displayed BAT that shouldn’t exist. So they wiped everyone’s BAT and inserted what they thought should be the right amount of BAT.

Do you believe Brave’s new BAT numbers? They could pick a random value like 0.05 BAT and that will be the law.

The whole Browser is a scam. Me and several peoples got locked there money. Everyone with large BAT (over 250) gets there account locked. Don’t ask Mods for help here. Why do you think did they disabled the function to backup your wallet? Bat and Brave is one of the biggest scams. Most of the money they get paid from the advertisers. I mean, the budget is only 1M per month - how to they want to pay them all out? right, over a fake token called BAT which everyone got displayed but not cashed out. Its a fucking scam.

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