BATs in Account Slowly Decreasing

The past couple of months instead of depositing accrued BATs into my account it seems they are being subtracted. This happened a few times in Summer 2021 as well. I received no bats for May, January, February, and probably more months, according to the statements. And yes, I was using Brave the entire time.

Also, I recently noticed something called “autocontribute” turned on this month and have no idea what it is or where the BATs are going. I don’t want to contribute any BATs at this time and turned it off. But where did the BAT go?

What Operating System and Brave version are you using (Menu --> About Brave)?

Browser wallet is verified.

I don’t remember when I verified Gemini.




No idea. I use a desktop.

I can’t figure out how to do that.

With auto contribute enabled, you will leave a little amount of bat on verified creators webpages. Could be a YouTube channel, a website, Twitter profile etc. The bats go directly to the owner of above named places if they are Verified and registered in the brave creator reward system.
This is a way to earn extra revenue for creators.

You can always just turn it off to have better control and you can still tip your favorite creators with the amount of bat you want manually if you so desire.

Body is too similar to what you recently posted

Can somebody please translate this bot’s nonsense for me? We all know that BATs are mostly a scam but where are the bots suddenly coming from?

? What are you on about? Are you okay?

I told you where your bats are going when auto contribute is enabled. How does that make me a bot?

Sorry, it seemed like a bot response; perhaps I misunderstood. It appears that .25 BAT went somewhere through the autocontribute option but I have never set up anything to autocontribute and it doesn’t account specifically for where the BAT went. It just says “autocontribute” which is pretty meaningless. The idea that it automatically set me up to autocontribute to un unknown creator is irksome, as well as the fact my BATs keep decreasing for no obvious reason.

I agree with you. I believe when you first install Brave it is enabled by default. Not sure though. And if 8t 8s, it just auto tips a small amount whenever you visit a page that was verified.

You also can’t see where it goes to. If you turn it off, check every now and then if it stays off. Haven’t had any issues with it. But who knows.

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