My BAT dissapeared twice this month

this month My BAT has dissapeared twice and this is very unfair and don’t know what’s happening, last night I turned off my computer and I had almost 1BAT and today I turn on my computer and I have less than 0.2BAT nad it has happened to me twice this month and I think. I have auto contribution off manually since the very beginning I started using Brave.

please help or fix this, this is very bad. Thanks!

Is it me or is it that today when I entered Brave and an ad appeared, 3.2 BAT disappeared.
Before updating the tab I had 3.290 BAT and after I updated it I find that I have only 0.090 BAT.
Is it a browser bug or why did that happen? because that amount does not match the number of ads I saw in the month.

Apparently I only had to wait about 5 minutes for the BAT value that I had before to be reflected back to me.
So if it is a browser bug.

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