Lost 50% BAT on 28 may 2021 (auto contribution was off)

today when i checked my estimated earning i fount that 50% of my BAT are missing plz brave solve this

Yo igual / me too :CCCC

I have the same problem, last night my bats were 2.69, and now, they are 1.29.
Can you explain me, which is the reason for this?

Thanks you.

Same Problem my bats were 8.3 now they are 4.9

bro… they already adressed this. They substracted the ones u claimed that were suposedd to be discounted right after but they were not until yesterday.

Same problem. 6.6100 to 3.305…

Now they started deducting last month’s already paid reward. My BATs got deducted too (from 6.780 to 2.320) but no problem from my side as I had received the payment last month (or this month)

Same problem, about half was cut.

Yep, I think what u saying is the case. I am getting the same as well. Probably most of us around the world are.
Sad though, the state of affairs of communications and front-end management at Brave (balances get updates on the user’s interface, a good 23 days after the actual deductions, says a lot about how committed are the team to managing the front-end). Such things should be made clear and communicated, IMHO. Brave team fails miserably at that.

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I hope it will get fixed i lost almost 4 bat 8.3 to 4.9


I completely agree with you. This is something “they” still don’t seem to care about.
Anyway, I stopped using brave rewards as they significantly reduced the BAT we used to get per ad. The browser is still good though, it blocks the freakish ads most of the time.

(But I doubt they will ruin it too, pretty soon :no_mouth:)

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