Verified identity with Uphold but still no BAT balance

I verified my identity with Uphold but I still do not have any BAT balance, despite the fact that on January 23rd, I received an email stating that I have 41.8 BAT worth waiting for me.

Please assist in getting the BAT to my Uphold account.

Hi @DrShadowSML - welcome to community! Can you DM me the email linked to your account?

I’m having the same issue and no one is getting back to me on my post which I posted 4 days ago.

Hi @llamamuffin - have you completed KYC with Uphold?

Thanks for your response! Yes I completed the KYC with uphold and then was sent only 1.25 BAT by “Uphold member”

Have you read through this FAQ - Some common solutions for late/incomplete payouts?

Just DM’d the e-mail.

Just read that, thanks! So I will see the amount of BAT in my Uphold match the amount in my browser on March 1st?

The next payout is March 8th.

Okay, thank you very much!

Hi @DrShadowSML - can you confirm that you have completed KYC with Uphold and have verified your Brave wallet?