Tipping a creator is not showing BAT in Uphold wallet

I don’t know how else to explain this. I sent a tip to my creator account and the tip does not show up at all in my Uphold account. There is also no way of really seeing the progress of this transfer in the Rewards tab of the Brave browser. Can I please get some support as to where my payouts are and where they are in there progress?


  • Did you verify you already KYC with your Uphold account?
  • It may take some time (not always) to see transactions reflected in Uphold – how long ago did you send it?
  • Please note that tipping yourself any more in this way may trigger our anti-fraud system and suspend your account so I would recommend not doing that anymore.
  • Yes, my Uphold account is verified (Unless you meant something else by “KYC”)
  • I sent a few BAT over a month ago and I never saw it show up in my Uphold account.
  • Okay, I understand, but where in the terms of use does it say that this is against policy?

Also, if my BAT is in limbo because of this, how do I can I resolve this and get them back into the Uphold wallet? I emailed support and all I get is an automated response saying to post here…

Can you DM me the email associated with your Creators account? I’ll take a look on my end and see if I can ascertain what the issue may be.

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