Uphold KYC (know-your-customer) verification is now required in order to receive BAT publisher payouts

It’s incredibly important to us to keep everyone safe when using Brave services. And nowhere is that more important than protecting your BAT in Brave Payments. To better protect against fraud, we now require that all linked Uphold accounts be verified in order to receive payouts from Brave Publishers. If you are a publisher/creator at https://publishers.basicattentiontoken.org, please ensure that your Uphold account is verified. We are sorry if this month’s payments were delayed due to the new requirement. You can learn more about Uphold’s verification process here: https://support.uphold.com/hc/en-us/articles/202887565-What-are-the-benefits-of-becoming-a-verified-member-of-Uphold-

Your BAT is safe with us and it will be paid out — if you choose — once your account is verified with Uphold.

Our apologies for the inconvenience this may have caused. We’re happy to answer any questions about this process.


thanks Asad for your quick response (like always) , I am a verified member in uphold but not received the payement , i am sur my bat is safe with you , but just i want to let you know i am ok with uphold ; thanks and good luck


What are the options for BAT other than transfer to the Uphold wallet?


Hello , I have a Problem so I own a Website I got many donations but I didnt receive my BAT but last month i got my payout one day after the deposit date and one more question am I required to do the KYC ? Thank you in advance


Hi @danieljones,

For now, Uphold is the only way for publishers to receive the contribution. More method is explored by the team like partnership with CIVIC for KYC process so publishers can use their own wallet address. :slight_smile: https://brave.com/brave-civic-partnership/


yeah, Civic could be the solution for Uphold-related issues!



And nowhere is that more important than protecting your BAT in Brave Payments


The Best way to protect our BAT in Brave Payments is by terminating your contract with Uphold wallet as they charge higher fees than any “wallet” in THE ENTIRE CRYPTOCURRENCY ECOSYSTEM.

Uphold is really not a wallet at all but rather it’s a currency/investment management platform.

From a functional and practical standpoint, Uphold is a terrible fit for what the Brave Team is currently contracting their services for. It’s a bulky platform, with extensive verifications, the highest fees i have ever seen anywhere, and many features that are totally unnecessary to the needs of which it pertains to the BAT token and Brave Publishing.

In my view, Brave Users need an actual wallet service (think blockchain.info) instead of this totalitarian mandate of Uphold’s terribly expensive and impractical currency management platform

I am suggesting the adoption of a minimalist - type of wallet where there are no withdrawal fees or any fees AT ALL outside of the network fees. There are plenty of services that meet these requirements, but Uphold is not among them.

Uphold Charges a base fee of 3.99 USD + another fee dependent on the crypto you choose. That fee is charged to withdraw ANY amount of crypto from their platform (even .00001 BTC) and this was the point where i realized that this is not a wallet service at all…

Personally, I complete an average of between 8 - 12 transactions spread out across all of my crypto wallets - every day.

This would be a costly endeavor to fulfill using Uphold which would charge fees of between $35 to $50 dollars in base fees in addition to the actual network fees paid to mine or otherwise complete the transactions.

My perspective is that any company that charges a user $50 to complete a handful of trivial cryptocurrency transfers could be more accurately described as being a “Scam Site” than it would be being described as a legitimate Cryptocurrency Wallet Service.

I believe Brave needs to find alternatives to Uphold ASAP because although i have been 100% pleased with Brave, my forced integration with Uphold and smy experience with them so far has been a total nightmare and it has overshadowed the pleasantries of Brave and BAT. Please reconsider this immediately before all of my BAT belongs to Uphold. :frowning:

Thank You


I believe Brave needs to find alternatives to Uphold

This is what is coming when we integrate with CIVIC. You will no longer need to use an Uphold wallet, but instead can receive your payouts directly into an Ethereum address. See our announcement here:


Yes, you are required to do KYC via Uphold from here on out :slight_smile:


Thank you for your quick response .The problem is i did not reached my 1000 transaction limit and in this article : https://support.uphold.com/hc/en-us/articles/202887565-What-are-the-benefits-of-becoming-a-verified-member-of-Uphold- there are saying that I am able to receive BAT because I did not reached the 1000 limit .Thank you in advance


Sorry for the confusion!

We are mandating Uphold verified profiles for any and all BAT creator transactions, regardless of their size :slight_smile:


Okay now I understand thank you .One last question what do you mean with “fraud” how should this work ?


Yes… what he said!


So, what happened to privacy on a privacy-centric platform?


Our focus on privacy hasn’t shifted. It just happens that this month was a particular heavy one in terms of people trying to fraud the Rewards system. We are working on adding support for other KYC methods as well :slight_smile:


Uphold requires KYC , funny thing when I tried to verify my account and submitted my identity card (front part) and the upload of the picture didn’t work. I retried 3 times. Then I tried with Chromium, then it worked at the first attempt…

I think either Uphold has a problem or Brave Browser has a problem.

I wanted to report this as a bug, but I’m new here and don’t really know how. Sorry about it. Hope it helps…


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