I didn't get same amount of BAT

My mother tipped me 4BAT, my friend tipped me also 4BAT, and my other friend tipped me 10BAT this is 18BAT in total, I only received 7.6BAT. Why is that?I will post all screenshots.
I assume that I received 2 tips with 4 BAT, and that the Brave .20 BAT for transaction and that one with 10BAT somehow didn’t go to my wallet because of some bug or who knows.Please help me, who knows how much tips are failed and I don’t know about from someone who maybe tipped me.
Aslo Can I check who send me tip, this is not right?
Please read all questions and answer me :slight_smile:

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Can you tell me when you became verified on Uphold?
Your’re very likely falling into one or both of these scenarios which is why you don’t see the entirety of your earnings in this payout:

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I apologise again for the last post. :slight_smile: I fell really bad.Thank you for your effort :slight_smile: I become verified at July 24th 2019. So i guess I am falling in the second scenario.Does it mean if anybody send me tip now, that this tip will be moved for the next month?And can you tell me, will brave publishers be able to get tips even when referral program ends?

No worries :slight_smile:

Yes, any contributions made at this time will be included in next months payout as expected.

Yes – tipping is an essential feature in the Rewards program.

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

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