Move free rewards to the rubbish bin

Brave, Inc., get rid of free rewards. They’re of zero use. No one cares to use Brave, because of free rewards. It’s never gonna happen. You can get people by paying them U.S. $1m each. Only, you’ll only get people to use Brave, because they get paid. No one cares to browse, because Brave pays them U.S. $0.000001 cents per page view.
It’s dumb to pay people for using Brave. And it’s dumb to pay people for enabling Brave ads.

Also, change Brave by showing Brave ads by default. Include this change in the next Brave update. You do not want people to have them enable Brave ads them self. It’s bad business. You want people to disable Brave ads them self.


That is in fact precisely why I use brave. I can block ads and trackers well enough without relying on my browser or an extension.

I don’t understand. You say you use Brave, because the browser blocks ads and trackers by default. I don’t see how that’s the same as using Brave, because of free rewards.
Also, if you say you choose Brave, because of its default setting to block ads and trackers, then you give a different reason as when you would use Brave, because of free rewards.
Correct me if I’m wrong.

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I use brave for the rewards, and I suppose it’s general crypto / web3 involvement.

I am able to easily block ads and trackers without brave.

I think I’ve misread your first reponse.
You actually choose Brave, because of the free rewards. It seems there are few people on earth who actually care for such a thing.

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judging by the sheer number of reward focused posts on this forum I’d say a lot of people use brave mostly for the rewards.

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2.65b chrome users tell me differently. Those people posting about rewards, what is that next compared to chrome? 1 in a 100m? And what is it next compared to brave? 1 in 1m?
All I know is that free rewards are a complete waste, next compared to user growth.

All the more reason to get rid of rewards: stop wasting time and resources on thousands of irrelevant duplicate posts by clowns complaining about not getting their BATs and instead spend it on finally improving the actual browser, answering real support requests and implementing requested features.
Even Dissenter did better than Brave, because they paid out in a real cryptocurrency instead of a local token that you are forced to exchange on Uphold/Gemini to cash out; and look where they are now…

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Thank you for this reply

I hesitated to post my opinions but decided if I get trashed, I get trashed. :laughing: Be kind. :wink:

I like the whole Brave Browser/BAT Rewards concept. To me it is a part of their business model and to get rid of BAT Rewards would fundamentally change that. Yes, a lot of resources are spent solving BAT problems on this forum, but I think it is growing pains and actually helps them test and improve their system overall. Over time, hopefully, the kinks will be ironed out.

I like the idea of receiving BAT for viewing/clicking ads. I could get paid for doing the same thing from a Marketing/Survey type site, but they want way too much personal/private information to even participate. Nope, not going to do it. Brave doesn’t ask for any of that. The most I’ve provided is an email address and my email account is not getting spammed with emails from unknown sources, or emails with embedded ads, by providing it.

BAT is currently up and down around $0.85-ish USD per BAT. Several people on this forum have mentioned how BAT Rewards supplement their (limited) income. And several people have also mentioned that they sold their BAT for USD. Depending on where you live, that could be significant. For me, getting BAT Rewards is like a free investment in something that may be worth significantly more in the future. Like any of the tokens out there, it’s all a gamble at this point. All for viewing (or ignoring) ads.

BAT Rewards is a perk but I really like many of the browser features. Shields and Bookmarks are my favorite. lol I also like that I can choose what “news” I want shown in Brave News and it doesn’t slap me in the face when I open a NTP. If I want to see it (which I usually do), I just scroll down. If I don’t like what I see, I take that site off my Brave News source. Maybe one day they will add a feature to include your own sites in the news source! That would be nice.

I am definitely pro-Brave Browser and pro-BAT and support their efforts (yes, I’ve actually bought some BAT, omg). I think they are on the right course. This is just my opinion… everyone has their own… there’s a joke in there somewhere isn’t there? :wink:


I’ll do my best :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s been this way since I joined May 2019. They have not taken on more staff dedicated to non-rewards related support while the influx of people spamming duplicate topics regarding rewards has increased exponentially. This is not a growing pain, this is a fundamental flaw they have not addressed.

Awesome, outsource it. Make a separate division with its own staff and its own forum purely dedicated to an opt-in rewards program.

If you rely on BAT to supplement your income, you have problems, and I don’t (only) mean that in the obvious sense. Brave Attention Tokens have no real world value, it’s like buying in-game currency in an MMO: you don’t actually own the BAT, you have been granted a revocable license to play with it. To cash out of this artificial local economy, you have to go through a third party service like Uphold or Gemini which is willing to take the financial risk of buying off your BATs with real money. If you are going to be forced through a third party to cash out anyway, then that is where support for BAT should be provided, not here.
In other words, if you are supplementing your income with money from selling of BAT, you have made yourself dependent not only on Brave but also on an intermediary company. I wouldn’t even recommend doing that with real crypto, let alone a token that has no value outside its corporately regulated little ecosystem.

But you see the difference, right? Daily-driver GUI browsers should have an ad-blocker integrated rather than as extension. Bookmarks are a quality of life feature that is also integrated into the Browser. Brave News and BAT rewards are unrelated to browser functions. If Brave wants to provide them, they should be some sort of opt-in native extensions (preferably ones that you can choose whether you want to download the prerequisite files for at all to reduce bloat).

The joke is on whoever is holding the parcel when it stops ticking.

TL;DR: Split Brave into separate divisions for the browser and the rewards, each with their own development and support staff. Ideally, integrate a first party way of cashing out into that rewards division. Don’t treat someone else’s electronic monopoly money as a source of income.

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You did great! whew, thank-you :smiley:

Just curious, how do you know this? or are you referring to just within these community forums? Also, are you saying that within the community, non-rewards related support is not happening?

I agree the spamming of duplicate topics regarding rewards is ridiculous and the lack of any apparent effort on the spammers part to even follow instructions or do a basic search or research on their own is ridiculous too. lol I fully support a hardline approach: you don’t give us the information we need, your topic gets closed. Period. I see they are doing that occasionally, and posting why, but I personally think it’s not done enough. I don’t understand the reasoning behind the approach myself. Oh to be a fly on the wall. lol

This would work but then you would be spending even more resources to support that. Also, now you have another separate site besides the umpteen other separate sites already out there, ugh. Maybe just a reorganization of the forums? Like BAT related and NON-BAT related categories? Could forbid the word BAT in the NON-BAT categories!! lol

Exactly. But like game currency, whether allowed or not in the game’s ToS, BAT can be bought and sold for real-world currency outside the game, especially if the game is popular. People can make money from doing it to boot. If any money can be made, the people interested in doing that are going to ride the wave until it crashes and then move on.

I just don’t understand how that would work… the 3rd party would have to go through the code on the Brave side if there is a problem? or the user interacts with the 3rd party and they turn around and interact with Brave? I would think Brave receives the most benefit of having a 3rd party service available to their users… the 3rd party could just tell them to get lost. :wink:

Not really, I don’t know anything about how browsers are built or how they function. I just know I like how those things I mentioned work when I use them regardless of how they are built into the browser. You can turn off Brave Rewards and you can remove Brave News from the NTP if you don’t want those options. That is good enough for me. Also, I only use a PC, so not sure if “bloat” applies or not. Maybe, if the build is modular, they could remove/uninstall files that are not opted into? Is that even possible? Yep, showing my ignorance here. lol

:slight_smile: Probably shoulda put this first. lol Take care. :slight_smile:

Can you name one way that the BAT helps to test and improve the system overall?

A good business model is to slap people in the face with as many ads/news items as possible, and at the same time to add an option in the settings that allows people to turn off/change the ads/news.
For example, Youtube, 2.3b users, they only increase video ads over time. Those 2.3 don’t care to leave Youtube. If getting slapped in the face with ads is what they get, then ads is what they’ll watch.
At least Youtube has the right approach when it comes to using ads business-wise.
Next compared to Youtube, there’s Tiktok. They disable ads by default. What this means is that creators rather do not allow ads on their videos, because it makes for fewer views (because Tiktok doesn’t enable ads by default for 1b users, meaning that the 1b doesn’t get to see videos with ads enabled)

Sorry, I’ don’t think I understand the question. I can explain what I meant, maybe that will answer your question. Hope it does anyway. lol

Whatever Brave chooses to integrate into their browser, if a user finds something not working as intended and reports it, Brave is made aware of an issue they may not have known about before and can make a correction which in turn improves the system overall. That is all I meant. I’ve run across many examples within the support categories across the board, including issues relating to BAT Rewards, where this has happened. Sometimes it is a “known issue” they are already working on and sometimes it is a new issue and they open a new issue report.

I browse the Brave Github just because I find it interesting. Don’t know what I am looking at most the time, but it is interesting! lol There are issues reported from support, tech, and users. You can search the issues. You can see the issues move (or stall) in the system. To me it is overwhelming, but it does give perspective. lol

To you, that is a good business model. To me, it is bad policy and intrusive and I would not use that business unless I absolutely had to and there were no other choices. I do that now, I make choices all the time on which businesses I choose to support and which I don’t. If the only business model out there would be “to slap people in the face…”, I wouldn’t be on the internet. Thankfully, there are options and choices I can make. Some of my choices are not mainstream or the most popular, but they fit me and that takes a lot of stress and irritation out of my online experience.

These are my opinions, right or wrong, good or bad, at this point in time (subject to change in the future lol), they are mine and I own them. I think… :sweat_smile:

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You’ve confirmed what I said. You are one guy. And your experience is significantly different from billions of users. Meaning, what I said is a good business model. And that is not a matter of opinion. You can deny that. That doesn’t mean I’m wrong.
Which brings me back to the title of this post. It’s bad business to give users free rewards.

I’m referring to the forum, GitHub and Reddit (shout out to the latter for having separate subreddits for the browser and rewards, it’s at least a start!), where you can easily keep track of what different staff (including but not limited to , , and those invited by ) spend their time on.
I’m not saying that no non-rewards related support is happening, I’m saying that rewards related questions have a much higher rate of staff assistance, whereas non-rewards related ones are relatively much more likely to fall to Community Ninjas at best, users like you and me, or simply be ignored completely.

Fair point, but then I think it would be more effective to assigned staff to specific forums, instead of everyone trying to do everything resulting in relatively little being done for non-rewards related support and feature requests.

Since Brave is open-source, it is certainly possible for a third party to pick through the rewards code. But it would be better if Brave consolidated the entire rewards program from one end to the other into a first party service: “BAT fiat reserve bank” :stuck_out_tongue: , ledger, digital wallet, exchange, etc. all in one. This service should of course be restricted in a separate division of the company.
The important thing is that a choice is made: either all rewards related aspects get outsourced or all rewards related aspects are insourced into its own division.

Using Firefox as a reference point, you can think of Shields as integral privacy and security settings rolled into one with an ad-blocker extension. But it makes sense: many browsers have started to integrate ad-blocking, because pretty much the only people who don’t use an ad-blocking extension are people who don’t know how. Removing ads and trackers is an integral part of keeping your browsing safe and private, so an ad-block should be an integral part of the browser.
Bookmarks on the other hand, have become an integral part of almost every browser, not because they are important like ad-blockers, but because they are just so convenient and oft used.
An internal reward system and a news feed are not integral parts of a browser, but expansion modules that can be built on to it. If Brave wants to drip feed news, that would make more sense as an extension. If Brave wants to experiment with a cryptonomics playground, they could provide an extension for that, like relatively privacy respecting third party marketing service would.

Yes, a modular build would be entirely possible. No, you are not ignorant, no worries :wink:


There are a few things about your comment that need improvement

Not exactly. People who know to get a browser installed also know to get an extension installed. The people who don’t use extensions are the people who don’t want to.

Again, not exactly. In this case, you’re right. Well, as a matter of symptom. Your answer to bookmarks comes down to usage. Usage comes down to user experience. Which is why every browser allows to bookmark any page, because it makes for a better user experience.

Exactly. They do not make for a better user experience.
Again, I’m talking about billions of users. I’ve posted that other thread, about chrome being the dominating browser, because of its marvellous speed. Which is #1 priority to billions of users. And chrome takes lead when it comes to speed. Yes, billions of users browse with just one tab, with just raw text. And chrome is the browser that adapts to the individual, unlike any other browser.

I don’t know how many times I need to say to move free rewards to the rubbish bin. They are a waste, when it comes to user growth, that is.

ive been with Brave for a longtime and it has failed to send the free Bat since the beginning and its still very Buggy . I still havent got my free Bat from when I first joined how ever many years ago that was. I just got my free Bat from Feb. and its the first Bat that I can actually see in My wallet !!! Lol the Free Bat I actually thought was just a gimmick like the apps on Playstore that say oh download now n u will get paid real cash after u watch 30000 ads in 24hrs n no joke I have watched ad after ad n still never ever got paid from any of them either. This Bat and Brave Browser now has 3 or 4 different Browsers to download n use n I cant figure out glitch is the best 1 or if they r even legit . Is there a different Browser then just plain Brave Browser that actually gives out the free Bat n does it on a regular basis every month like its supposed ir r n blue n purple or orange browsers all glitched out aswell ? I cant even find 1 Browser that does the free Bat for ads by Brave that even works . Might aswell just take away the free Bat for ads away as it doesnt work right anyways.

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Currently Brave has 54.5m MAU, and yet, Brave goes strong with the useless free rewards.

@jordy You may want to do more research. Right now I’m not sure if you’re just here to be a troll or what your purpose in commenting might be. I think you and a lot of other people never really went through to read and understand what Brave is, how it works, or even what Rewards is all about.

Right now people are focused on exchanging and everything, treating BAT a bit like a coin. Yet somehow it gets missed that it’s a token with no innate cash value. It just represents how much time someone has spent viewing ads and visiting websites. Rewards aren’t a really a payment or anything.

So what’s the purpose you may ask? Isn’t it useless? Well, not really. Much like how we have the :+1: button and all on posts, or even the :heart: here it’s a way to show that users are supporting content. Only unlike those emojis or likes on pages, you can trade/sell those to others.

Yet that’s not all! Believe it or not, they are actually working on implementing things like:

BAT Payments (“Pay with BAT”)

Web developers can integrate Pay with BAT into their websites and apps with the JavaScript and PHP development kit, allowing visitors to pay for content and other items with the BAT from their Brave Rewards wallets.

In addition, while you may not realize it, they have also implemented things for users such as TAP Network.

With TAP Network, you can use BAT to get gift cards, enter sweepstakes, etc.

For users, Brave Rewards is about using an awesome browser and eventually getting some extra goodies out of it or contributing it to our favorite sites and content providers to show them we appreciate and support them.

And for me, I switched from Chrome because of the Rewards initially. I mean, if I just wanted an adblock and all, there were extensions for that. As others said, there’s plenty of alternatives out there. Heck, some of the browsers have better utility in certain ways. Yet Brave has been good with everything they are offering and the little bit of BAT helps. I also like the idea of being able to support content creators in a different way. I don’t have cash to send as donations and wasn’t about to deal with a lot of ads on random pages, especially since some put malware and all on your computer. So BAT gives me that option to give it to the good sites and basically give a “F you” to sites that don’t really offer anything of value by blocking their ads and not having to give anything to them.