So desapointed with brave

brave is a waste of time, you use the browser, you receive ads and when they have to pay you, there is always a problem. if all users can stop using brave and go back to using other browsers, the creators of brave will understand that not a joke.


or just don’t expect to get rewarded and turn ads off?
Brave’s a solid browser that looks out for your privacy. if you thought you were going to get crypto rich by enabling that hole in ad-blocking, you got what you paid for.


Braves a great browser lol

I guess your one of these idiots who think its going to make you rich?

Also you obviously don’t know anything about Crypto, its crashed. Everything is low

So you might have to wait until your $3 a month magically goes upto $6 a month (omg wow i’m rich!)



bigdave, you must be a robot, but let me tell you,it’s rather you the idiot, no one ever wanted to be rich with brave, if at the start brave did not offer the fights for a little of our attention, who was going to use it, besides, I never stopped d 'use my other browsers, it’s brave I stopped using, my time is worth more than that. kind regards, hello

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Sorry, what are you actually crying about?

I guess I’ll be the idiot having 0 issues with brave. Shame on me ay!



Maybe you are one of those idiots to think that your privacy is actually safe with brave browser :rofl:


I have zero interest in privacy online, I have nothing to hide and I don’t care if people know what I do.

Can you post your full name Together with your passport so we can steal your identity?

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Why are you using brave in the first place??. If those reasons are no longer valid as time goes by, then no one can blame you for leaving…

Lesson: don’t expect too much. Always consider anything with a grain of salt.


And what are you going to do with all that lol

You told me that you don’t care about privacy online why not upload your passport on brave community :rofl:

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i am in tthe same boat the last 6 months i dont receive any adds,nobody dont care,no support,no answer from moderators.

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Enjoy crying about your $2 a month crypto.

See ya

Privacy is something that must be monitored, and a browser isn’t a magic suit of armour or sci-fi force field.
Brave assists users in protecting themselves like armour, as long as they are aware of the limitations and weaknesses in the suit.

I use Brave because I don’t want to use Chrome, Bing, or the others. They are criminal organizations engaged in government conspiracy. Brave is free speech friendlier, and keeps money out of the hands of the Amazon, Google, FB Oligarchs.


I like Brave mainly because there’s no add. For all other business like BAT “recompenses” Gemini wallet, syncrhronize with phone (was so easy with Firefox) All the other stuff Forget it. Was a Firefox user and jumped in Brave “beta” So I’ll get used that is’t a beta… Petehape

People don’t need any gimmick to use Brave as their primary default Browser. It’s the privacy, ad blocking and speed that most find attractive. Clearly these things don’t matter to you.


Who’s crying smalldave?

I thought this thread was for people crying about brave browser?

(BTW I’ve got alt accounts called Small Dave/ Little Dave / Tiny Dave , try and come up with something original yeah, thanks)

Meine Bat sind immer noch nicht da ! ich verlange sofortige Überweisung!!!
Ansonsten fange ich an überall negative Bewertungen zu schreiben!!!

My Bat still haven’t arrived! I demand immediate transfer!!!
Otherwise I start to write negative reviews everywhere!!!

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