I am watching ads for free, almost done with Brave

I have two computers linked with one Uphold account, and have been like 2 weeks or something that one of my accounts does not give me my BATs when I see the ads, this is very frustrating I am almost quitting using Brave Browser

It’s unfair cause it’s like you are lying to us!

It sucks for you not receiving any rewards for using the browser. You could try to reinstall it. I’ve heard that Brave had some server issues but the majority of that is fixed right now. But to be honest I think you are overreacting a little bit. Chrome/firefox and all other browsers aren’t giving you anything for tracking you online and showing you a lot more ads than Brave ever will. If you are only using it for the 2 dollars a month I really hope you are using that to tip content creators.

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Nobody is forcing you to get Brave ads: the service is opt-in only. Also, this is definitely not a way to become a millionaire in a few hours. So you can just turn Brave rewards off.

The pay out is on the 5th of the next month and not every two weeks. Also, Uphold has logged me out of my wallet a few times, make sure you are logged into your Uphold account or tokens will not be counted, and make sure too that you don´t have “Auto-Contribute” turned on, or your BAT will go away.

I have turned off the auto-contribute since the very begining and I am not talking about the pay out, I am talking about my BATs ammount does not increase after being watching ads for like two weeks

thanks for the suggested solution, I maybe will try that.

But why I should tip what I earn to content creators? How do you know that my conditions are the same as yours? do you know where I live? No! do you know about my economic conditions? No! If it wasn’t important for me I wouldn’t do any complain about this issue.

If you think is not unfair that I have been watching ads for two weeks and my BATs are not increasing, then good let’s clap for Brave and let’s excuse Brave browser because the other browsers spam us with a bunch of ads and we don’t a penny for that.

The thing here is that Brave says something and do something different, so if you are not paying people for watching ads then don’t say you will pay people for watching ads, that’s it.

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What an answer wow blew my mind.

You didn’t get the point of the topic at all and that line you are replying at, is more important than you think because is what makes me more frustrating about this situation.

@cayo2290 hi, don’t you think that filling the template that appeared when you were creating this thread would have been more useful for us to try to help you?

I think you have to wait some days until you get to see the tokens earned watching adverts, I just don´t know how many days. Maybe if somebody knows could tell this.

This is really not an answer more like your opinion, @cayo2290 is the end user of brave so if he didn’t get something that he deserved he has the right to question it. Forums like these are made by the company so that they get reports and reviews like these.

About the question @cayo2290

  1. Are you on a VPN?
  2. Have you checked if your Wallet is valid?

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